Getting here is easy - Arranged transportation from Hämeenkyrö & Tampere

More detailed travel/ arrival / departure information will be sent to invited residents via email.

Travel planning basic options
In general and if possible for you, we recommend travelling to Finland a day or two before the start of the residency to make the transition, jetlag recovery and settling in process smoother.
1. Fly to Helsinki airport + take a train (1,5-2h) to Tampere directly from the airport
2. Fly to Tampere airport + take a bus (30min) to Tampere (+ bus to Hämeenkyrö)
3. Finland-based residents: Take a bus to Hämeenkyrö

Arrivals & welcoming
Arrival day: the 1st day of your residency period
Transportation from Tampere/Hämeenkyrö will be arranged on arrival day.
(In case you are only able to arrive on a later date, please contact staff well in advance to make the arrival arrangements.)
Welcoming & Introductions: Taking place usually on arrival day or on the 2nd program (week)day of the residency period

Departure day: the last day of your residency period
Transportation to Tampere or Hämeenkyrö will be arranged.
(In case you need to leave on an earlier date, please contact staff in advance to make the departure arrangements.)

Staying in Tampere before/after the residency

A few places in Tampere we can recommend staying at:

Lapland Hotel
Dream Hostel & Hotel

Residency car
There is a car for the residents to use for their daily purposes and regional travels within about 25km radius. The current car is Toyota Corolla (with automatic gears).
p.s. There is always someone going to the groceries, so you will get around even if you don't have a driver's license.


We have a set of basic bikes, ready to be taken for a ride 24/7. The bikes are available only during the warm seasons.

Distances (with residency car / bikes)
Nearby villages
Häijää 7 km / Mouhijärvi 10 km / Hämeenkyrö 13 km

Some other places
Rowing boat (+swimming) 800 m
Lakes for swimming: Many in the region and within 1.5-15 km radius
Otamus nature trail 13 km
Ritajärvi nature reserve 22 km
Horseback riding 14 km
Kiviniitty animal park 12 km (open summer time only)
Public sauna with smoke sauna & ice swimming 15 km
Second hand stores 11 km and 14 km
Nancy Holt / Agnes Denes land art 25 km
Saint Olaf's Medieval church 26 km

Travels inside Finland
We recommend doing the travels either before or after the residency period.

Flights: Finnair
Buses: Trips and Tickets App or Matkahuolto

There are often online discounts for buses/trains between the biggest cities/towns, when booking well in advance.

Tampere - From Arteles: 43 km
Tampere is the closest city to Arteles. There are buses to Tampere from Hämeenkyrö approx. once an hour. The trip takes 40 minutes, and the price is around 10 euros (one way). From Tampere, there are good train and bus connections to all over Finland.

- From Arteles: 180 km
The best way is to take a bus/train from Tampere.

- From Arteles: 213 km
You can take a bus from Hämeenkyrö, or a bus/train from Tampere.

Rovaniemi & Lapland - From Arteles: 700-1200 km
The best way to get to Lapland is to first take a train to Rovaniemi, where you can catch a bus or rent a car. The train from Tampere takes approx. 7-9 hours – night train is an option worth considering.

Traveling outside of Finland

Tallinn & Estonia - Estonia is one hour away from Helsinki by boat.
There are several ferry companies traveling between Helsinki and Tallinn:
Eckerö Line
Linda Line
Tallink Silja
Viking line

Stockholm & Sweden - Less than an hour away by plane from Tampere, Turku and Helsinki.
Overnight ferries from Turku and Helsinki:
Tallink Silja
Viking line

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