Silence Awareness Existence residency program
Luna Mrozik Gawler
Narrm/Melbourne, Australia

Multidisciplinary, writer


Luna Mrozik Gawler is a multidisciplinary artist and writer who lives and works upon the unceded lands of the Kulin Nation, in Narrm/Melbourne, Australia. Her research-led practice seeks to queer expectations of human supremacy and separatism while examining the ideological foundations and ramifications of Anthropocentric paradigms through installation, performance, media, and text. This work is often generated through direct collaboration with locations and multispecies participation. It is commonly durational, immersive and/or interactive, and considers alternative knowledge productions as well as embodied processes to expand upon post-human and new materialist frameworks.
Kate Speranza
Astoria, Oregon, USA

Painting, sculpture, jewelry


My interest in art has been a life-long pursuit. I started my career in metalsmithing but have never limited myself to those materials. I find inspiration in discarded objects, architecture, or anything that may tell a story. Themes of stillness and solitude have been a strong focus in my most recent work; and narrative and humor often play a supporting role.
Stephanie Fichardt
Stellenbosch, South Africa



"Decorate space with art, time with music and experience with events."

Born in Johannesburg a year after south africa's transition into democracy, Stephanie has always found herself contemplating if that which is ought to be. this contemplation comes in many forms but the most prevalent would be through socially engaging events as well as her meditative, repetitive art-making process.

Rebecca Wyn Kelly
Aberarth, Wales, UK

Sculpture, site-specific, installation


"There is trouble in paradise"

I was raised on the West Coast of Wales in a village called Aberarth. My upbringing has had a profound influence on the things I value and hold dear. I am passionate about the land and being in nature because I grew up surrounded by it.

In wales we have a term called 'Hiraeth'. There is no direct translation, but the closest word is longing. I long for the land and feel placed when I am in it.

My artistic practice is rooted in the genre of Eco-Art. The land is my studio, and I thrive on installing work in remote locations. By choosing to commit to the land, I challenge what a studio or a gallery can be.

The landscape is the foundation of my artistic practice, and the elemental materials I gather are a catalyst for the work I produce. Natural materials are enchanting. To me, they are magical and unimaginable. I don't wish to destroy or dramatically change the self-contained quality of the articles I find. Instead, I want to preserve their beauty and become part of their journey by displacing or reworking them in some way.

As an Eco artist, the environment is at the forefront of what I do. With climate change and the severe consequences of this, I feel that there is an urgency in the Art world to produce work that doesn't feed the pressing planetary problems.

Katharina Kakar
Benaulim, India

Literature, visual arts


"I can not provide the reality of events, I can only convey their shadow" (Stendhal) - is a guiding principle for the book I am working on right now."

Katharina Kakar, born 1967 in Germany lives as a writer and artist in Goa, India. She studied Comparative Religion and Anthropology at the Free University, Berlin and worked as a senior fellow at the Center for the Study of World Religions, Harvard University, USA (2001/2002) and Morphomata, Center for Advanced Studies in Cologne, Germany (2011-2014).

As a visual artist, Katharina works in a variety of media, including drawing, installation, text. Her creations engage with the spaces she works and lives in, often in an attempt to understand collective history through personal narratives. She examines characteristic traits and complex meanings of materials that are without tradition in the context of art: dried fish, chilies, spices, ash, plastic garbage, to name a few.

Katharina is also the founder of the NGO Tara Trust (2008), that engages in projects to empower marginalized children in India through art.

As a writer, she published many essays and books. Currently she is writing her first novel, which will be her main focus during her residency at Arteles.
Karolina Rupp
South Africa / Germany

Sculpture, installation, video


Karolina Rupp (b. 1988, Germany) grew up in Pretoria, South Africa. With a background in sociology, anthropology and photography, Karolina worked in a Pretoria-based art studio and as of early 2016 is living in The Netherlands. Currently in her final year of the BFA at the Royal Academy of Arts (The Hague), Karolina's work has shifted from relying entirely on lens-based media to an artistic practice rooted in sculpture and installation. Imbued with phenomenological undercurrents as well as the elements of chance and surprise, her interest lies in the intuitive artistic process itself as a potential catalyst to discover and make sense of the unknown. Her work has been shown in various group exhibitions both in South Africa and The Hague.
Matt Shaw
Maine, USA



From an interest in histories of place that recognize the relationship between humans and other species, Matt Shaw’s work stands at the intersection of experimental and documentary filmmaking to combine research, conversation, and observation to read the landscape as archive. Born in New York’s Hudson Valley, he received his BA in Human Ecology from College of the Atlantic and his MFA in Moving Image from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He lives and works on the coast of Maine.
Rachel Pursglove

Poetry, painting, performance


I have an MA in Fine Art from the University of Central Lancashire. I’m interested in painting, poetry, literature, language and conversation. I like to run, I like to read and watch films and I am currently taking singing lessons.

My aim is to strip back the conventions of being an artist, beginning with this very honest statement, to re-evaluate what art means to me.

I’m 30 years old, I have a dog called Alfie and I've just quit my job to go on a residency to Finland for a month. I struggle with depression and anxiety and have done for many years. Making art has drifted away from me and has left me feeling discontented with life. So I've made an impulsive decision to travel to a new country, meet new people and reside myself to a month of solitude. I've had little experience of meditation and mindfulness but I'm ready to see where the programme takes me. I hope this experience will help to determine where my artistic practices lie.

Am I still an artist if I’m not making any art? Is my running my art? Is my singing my art?
Melanie Furtado
Victoria, Canada



"Make to explore new media and processes. Start a conversation. Find more why. Get outside."

Melanie Furtado is a sculptor from the west coast of Canada. Her sculptures revolve around the representation of the human body through portraits, solitary individuals or groups of figures. Each sculpture is shaped by hand from direct observation using the earthy malleability of clay. Once this modeling is complete, the piece is transformed into elemental materials such as cast glass, lost-wax bronze or fired clay. Melanie involves individuals from all walks of life to collaborate as models for her sculptures. Her work explores the human experience and our relationships to each other and to ourselves through the use of body position, volume and space.
Christian Bishop

Sculpture, sound, printmaking


"Exploring deep ecology, existentialism and the landscape"

I am a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Naarm, Melbourne, Australia. I work broadly across many mediums including sculpture, photography, printmaking video and sound. My art practice materialises as immersive installations, interventions and site activations exploring feeling and place, landscape and human connection. I am passionate about being immersed in the landscape, whether that be rural or urban. My practice involves attuning to energy present in these places – to me the landscape is about something deeper than just a visual cue. I am also facinated by boundaries and this translates from spaces around me into culture, subcultures and socially isolated peoples and their blurring of boundaries though creative outputs. For many years I ran experimental arts and music collectives and explored rave culture as a form of cultural and social resistance, performing under the name Xian. I am half of artist duo EXOGAMY.
Kit S. Carlton
Portland, Oregon. USA

New/Mixed Media


"Art is the study of Spirit and it is Spirit that evloves us."

Ostensibly, Kit Carlton’s path to a studio practice appears divergent & sidewinding: she holds a dual BA in Anthropology/English from TXST, briefly studied nonhuman primates at Texas Biomed and has held various positions across industries. However, in 2016 she walked the Camino de Santiago to discover her raison d’être and upon return earnestly pursued the call to Art. She has since steadily exhibited her work locally & nationally. Most recently on a syndicated t.v program & through a collaboration with the nationally recognized nonprofit, NWNoggin.

Themes naturally blended in her work include myth, symbolism, space (outer/inner/multidimensional), epigenetics, & perception.

As a New/Mixed Media artist, her process starts by employing traditional methods and once a satisfactory result emerges, the work is transferred into the digital realm for further exploration. Often this process reciprocates whereby results yielding from digital processing are incorporated back into the original/analog work. Consequently, Carlton considers her work a bridge between these two mediums/realms—each one influencing the varying fields of perception created by its own particular time, space & place.

She also regards each piece as its own authentic, metaphysical inquiry into the connection between the physical & immaterial. Carlton believes that once a viewer internalizes an emotional response to the work in another specific time, space & place the work then becomes by sheer experience a further preservation and transmutation of the work—perhaps this is because of her deep-seated belief that Art is the study of Spirit and it is Spirit that evolves us.
Ana Tiquia
Melbourne, Australia

Transdisciplinary art


I am a transdisciplinary artist who was born and lives in Melbourne, Australia on the unceded lands of the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation. My work encompasses a range of practices: curation, producing, futures research and strategy, visual and participatory arts practices. I am also a trained yoga practitioner and teacher. My current research explores energy futures, futures of labour, the role of arts practice in socio-ecological transition, and the power dynamics encoded in algorithmic systems. I am also one half of artist duo EXOGAMY.

I began with a moving image practice, but over the past decade my mediums and artistic strategies, and the conversations I seek to have with audiences have transformed. Collaborative and participatory practice has become an important part of my work, whether I’m curating, producing or in the artist role. I recently completed my Master in Strategic Foresight – a degree that merges futures studies with strategy. This has led me to explore the interplay between arts and futures; exploring the role of arts and culture practice in relation to future inquiry, imagining, and social change. My most recent projects are public interventions; participatory, performance-based installations that invite audiences into dialogue with ‘The Future’.
Hanne Dahl Geving
Trondheim, Norway

Visual & performing arts

Hanne Dahl Geving is a Norwegian artist based in Trondheim, Norway. As an artist, Geving is interested in topics that affect humans mental health, such as loss, depression, loneliness and eating disorders. In her latest work, Den som sover, synder ikke, Geving looks closer at how emotions are been dealt with when experiencing loss. Den som sover, synder ikke was in 2019 presented as an installation at Teaterhuset Avant Garden in Trondheim, Norway. Geving´s work is often drawn from personal experiences and she has worked with photography, installation, sound, performance, artist book and video. She has a Bachelor in Photography from The University for the Creative Arts in England and a Master in Photojournalism from Mitt University in Sweden. Geving has had exhibitions in Norway, Sweden and England.
Maria Takolander
Geelong, Australia

Creative writing


"Maria is finishing a novel about climate change"

Maria Takolander was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1973 to Finnish parents. She is a fiction writer, poet, essayist, reviewer, scholar and interviewer. She is the author of two books of poetry, The End of the World (Giramondo 2014) and Ghostly Subjects (Salt 2009), with a third, Trigger Warning, forthcoming with UQP. Her poems were selected for The Best Australian Poems and/or The Best Australian Poetry every year from 2005, and are anthologised in Motherlode: Australian Women’s Poetry 1986-2008 (2009), Thirty Australian Poets (2011), the Turnrow Anthology of Contemporary Australian Poetry (2014), Contemporary Australian Poetry (2016) and #MeToo: Stories from the Australian Movement (2019). Her poems are also represented internationally in special Australian-poetry issues of Agenda (UK), Chicago Quarterly Review (US), Kenyon Review (US), Lichtungen (Austria) and Michigan Quarterly Review (US). Radio National Australia aired a program about her poetry in 2015, and she has performed her poetry on TV and at the 2017 International Poetry Festival of Medellín, Colombia. Maria is also a prize-winning fiction writer and the author of The Double (and Other Stories) (Text 2013), which was named one of the best books of the year by The Australian and other forums. Maria is now finishing a novel about climate change, the most urgent issue of our time.
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