Enter Text residency program
Leah MacLean-Evans
Ottawa, Canada



“Where the magical, the natural, and the urban collide”

Leah MacLean-Evans is an Ottawa-based writer of fiction and poetry. She loves the places where the magical, the natural, and the urban collide, and is particularly interested in hybrids of the fantasy and literary genres. She was the 2017 winner of the Blodwyn Memorial Prize for Fiction and the 2018 winner of the League of Canadian Poets’ National Broadsheet Contest. Her work has appeared in Canthius, Qwerty, untethered, On Spec Magazine, and other journals across Canada. She has an MFA in Writing from the University of Saskatchewan, is the proofreader of Grain Magazine, and is on Canthius’ editorial board.
Daniel J. Cecil
Seattle, USA

Fiction, non-fiction


My name is Daniel J. Cecil, and I'm an American writer born in Ohio and currently residing in Seattle, Washington. I studied for a Bachelor of Arts in theatre at Baldwin-Wallace and the University of Hull, England. As part of a collaborative theatre group in London, I began writing plays, and soon ventured into short stories and novel-writing. I moved to Amsterdam in 2009, where I was an active member of the Amsterdam writing scene, running several reading series and working as the Managing Editor of Versal, the international arts and literature journal. In 2015, I returned to the United States to study for my Master of Fine Arts (MFA in Fiction) at the University of Washington, Seattle. I received my Masters in 2017 with distinction.

My fiction work focuses on themes of identity and the ways in which identity is shaped and manipulated in contemporary, capitalist culture. I'm currently interested in how authority between characters is established — within groups and interpersonal relationships — taking the work of René Girard's mimetic theory as a jumping off point. My time at Arteles will be spent working on finalising the draft of my first novel "The Factory of Russian Dolls", which explores these themes in depth.

My work has appeared in The Rumpus, The Stranger, The Plant, Bookslut, Rock and Sling, and the Heavy Feather Review, among others notable publications.

Freddie Dessau
New York, NY, USA

Art, writing, flaneuring

As an artist and writer, I attempt to obscure the distinction between art and literature. I endeavor to use text to express with clarity a multitude of instances of my lived experience. Through essays, short stories, and poetry as well as visual art I explore the connection between words and self. Creating mostly paper-based works, including vignettes, comics and posters, through mediums ranging from collage, photography, performance, installation, and drawing I investigate my memories, my interests, and obsessions: storytelling, travel, art and social criticism as well as with humor. I consider my art practice both highly personal and autobiographical, a direct record informed by representing my experiences and choices, and the knowledge that I’ve gained from these experiences and choices. Recent work reduces the materiality to bond paper and inkjet prints still mindful of the appearance of text as well as its meaning. In creating each vignette, a logic is applied: a staccato of short sentences avoiding compound phrases. Things may not always be as they appear. My work then questions the comforting dishonesty when appearances serve a convenient necessity.
Aurora Scott
Sydney, Australia

Writing, audio

Aurora is a writer, audio maker and arts organiser from Sydney. Her work has appeared in print, online, and in gallery contexts for un Magazine, Runway, Seizure, Underbelly Arts, and This is Not Art festival, amongst others. Aurora was the Executive Producer for Canvas: Art & Ideas on FBi Radio, and has made podcasts for organisations such as Biennale of Sydney, dLux MediaArts, Writing NSW, and Griffin Theatre Company. She studied philosophy, media, and writing at University of Sydney, University of Technology, Sydney, and the Australian Film and Television School.
Hannah Kezema
Santa Cruz, USA

Hybrid poetry, drawing, music


Hannah Kezema is an artist who works across mediums. She’s the author of the chapbook three (2017, Tea and Tattered Pages), as well as several online and print publications that can be found in Full Stop, Spiral Orb, Emergency Index, Gesture, and other places. She holds an MFA in Writing & Poetics from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics and a BA in Literature from The New School. Along with Angel Dominguez, she co-founded the performance art collaborative DREAM TIGERS. She continues to explore failure, trauma, asemic writing, and the cross-overs of text and image, while intermittently working on a project which investigates ancestral memory, poem-as-ritual, and divination.
Majo Moirón
Buenos Aires, Argentina


"In a stuck ski lift, a sinking boat, a dentist's office, or a doctor's office ... at the very point of death, one tells oneself a short story” John Cheever

Majo Moirón was born in Buenos Aires in 1985. She is a writer. She also explores the infinite possibilities of art videos and documentary films inspired by poetry and literary works. She has published her own book of short stories called Lobo Rojo (Blatt & Ríos). Some of her short stories has also been included in collections such as "El amor y otros cuentos" (Reservoir Books, Argentina), "El tiempo fue hecho para ser desperdiciado" (Libros del Perro Negro, Chile) and “The Portable Museum - Issue 3” (Ox and Pigeon, US) . During her time in Arteles, she will be working on her next book called “El diario blanco".
Michelle Tan

Text, performance

Michelle is a writer and drama educator based in Singapore. As a playwright her work has been produced by several local theatre companies, including the Esplanade, Cake Theatrical Productions, and Singapore Repertory Theatre. She also works with students across diverse backgrounds, primarily in the areas of crafting text and devising performance. A believer in challenging the limits of language and form, her writing is a blend of lyricism and sharp edges, derived from the disparate pieces that make up the daily business of living.
Lotte Pia Stenfors
Oslo, Norway / Denmark

Writing, bodywork, music


Born 1971 in Copenhagen, grew up in Denmark, Africa and Norway. Veterinarian , phD, microbiology scientist. Language, belonging, coexistence and survival were subjects I circled and explored, even when working in science. Gradually, in poetry and movement, I approached the ways the body experiences, writing my way through years of education and growth; dance therapy courses, voice, songwriting, dance and movement classes, and recently two therapeutic bodywork educations, all the while heavily challenged by illness and the changes that inflicted. Am I allowed to be funny, sexy, intelligent, focused, while I am in recovery from surgery? Can I be simultaneously joyful, interested, and in strong pain?

Lately, learning about trauma, its expressions, subtleties and its slow and organic healing, pushes me to address something tense and rich. How does it feel, being autonomous in my physical self? How does it feel when I am powerless? What imprints in beliefs and stories do experiences of invasion and overwhelm leave on my identity, presence and belonging?

Will that change when expressed (written, shouted, whispered, sung)? Can all parts of my human experience be allowed to be, simultaneously, even be expressed? How does my scientific/biological knowledge understand, embody, and speak about what I sense, believe, or deeply feel? Can I find a language for that? Language in all forms; my senses, words, voice, breath and eyes, everything they say. Are they heard? Can I hear you, the language of the skin, of the nervous system? Of myself?
Lisette Frimannslund
Bergen, Norway

Photopainting, drawing, writing


I am a visual artist originally from Bergen, Norway, but now living and working in The Hague, Netherlands. I hold an MSc in Industrial Design Engineering and - more recently - a BFA from The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

I like to work in a project-based way where I can zoom in, investigate and research a place, an event or a memory, and just see where that takes me. What I meet. What I discover. My own perception, associations, memories and interpretations of these chance meetings and discoveries all get mixed together in the work. I combine elements of photography, drawing, writing and painting; often in the form of an itinerary; a part fact, part fiction travelogue through time, space or mind.

Each project also comes with its own set of rules that I do not neccessarily follow. I often like to let a book that I can somehow link to the project dictate how the project will be formed. Or even let the book set the rules.

At Arteles I will try to use my own writing as the starting point for my project, and not the image; which is what I usually do.
Mark Leahy
Limerick, Ireland

Writing, performance, art

"Making work with words, actions and the stuff in between."

I am a writer and artist operating among textual practices and performance. Born in Ireland, I live in the South West of England. Working with the body as sensing and as affected, I use language, models of perception, and everyday objects. Including spoken word, task-based actions, and song my performances address the body as desired and as desiring, and as a site of inscription and mediation. My textual practice utilizes constraints, structuring rules, and operates to cross or question category and genre divisions including around identity and agency. Recent live work includes ‘threaded insert’ (Plymouth Art Weekender, 2017; Cardiff, May 2018); ‘subject to gesture’ (Liverpool, Apr 2017); ‘his voice’ (Plymouth, Oct 2015; Manchester, Feb 2016), ’flat-head self-tapping’ at Chelsea School of Art (May 2015) and ‘answering machine’ for Experimentica14 at Chapter Cardiff (Nov 2014). Other live works were presented in Bristol, London, Galway and Liverpool.

I was commissioned to write texts to accompany work by artists including Nathan Walker, Katy Connor, Steven Paige, and LOW PROFILE. Critical publications include essays in C21 Literature, Open Letter, Performance Research Journal and Journal of Writing in Creative Practice.

I teach part-time at Plymouth University, have managed a variety of exhibition, installation and performance projects, and am a director of artdotearth.org and chair of the board of TakeAPart. "
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