Silence Awareness Existence residency program
Eric Chi-Puo LIN
Taipei, Taiwan

Literary writing, Journalism, Art criticism


"Practice at living my life with peace of mind, without missing out on the unforgettable highlights that life has to offer."

A literary writer, a journalist, and an art critic, Eric Chi-Puo LIN paints a picture by taking three different threads—"literary creation", "trend observations", and "news reporting"—and weaving them into a cohesive image.

He has worked as Deputy Editor-in-Chief at Business Today magazine, Chief Editorial Writer at CommonWealth Magazine Group, Acting Editor-in-Chief at Taiwan Panorama magazine, Special correspondent for GQ magazine, and Art Director at Queen Stone Jewelry.

Because he is both author and journalist, and has worked as a foreign correspondent, he had opportunities early on in his career to observe life closely all around the world, and these experiences have been a rich source of inspiration in his literary writing and commentary on trends. Over the years, he has developed a literary style rooted in what he calls "observation on the move".

His essays in recent years have focused on two topics: "Fold in Time and Space" and "Practicing How to Live". With his ""Fold in Time and Space"" writing project, he has sought to explore how globalization and the rise of the Internet have caused time to change shape in our lifestyles and in our sensory perceptions of the world around us. Based on the results of the research and field investigations, two styles of "new journalism” and “Literary Prose” will be intertwined in his writing.

This residency is supported by The Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government.

Jacoba Niepoort
Copenhagen, Denmark

Painting, Drawing, Public murals


I spend most of the year painting street art around the globe. I have an obsession with big-scale art projects, and a love for painting in public spaces. The way we use and own our common spaces and the politics and money surrounding this interests me greatly. And so I paint outdoors to share my art and messages, and to add art to an audience of everyday people who might not attend gallery or museum shows.

In between wall projects, I make smaller works on paper. I find this stage equally important in balancing my own creative process. It is a time for solitude, hitting reset and developing new ideas in an otherwise fast-paced, physically demanding and social mural-life.

My works are inspired by everyday interactions with the world around me. I work with topics of universal feelings and connections between people, as well as exploration of the self. When I work indoors it is usually with permanent ink on paper. Outdoors it is with giant paint markers and house paint. In both cases I work figuratively.

Alicia Douglas
Sydney, Australia



Alicia grew up on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia, and she now lives and works in Sydney, Australia. As a painter, her work is focused on capturing the landscape, greatly inspired by the lands of Australia and also by far away shores.

She has been oil painting since childhood and after high school studied fine art at a technical institute and then at University level. Since this time, she has been involved in a variety of group and solo exhibitions and now works as a Visual Arts assistant at a high-school and also at a gallery in Sydney.

As an artist and as a human being her interest lies in the psychology of how we see the world and visually respond to it. She is endlessly fascinated by the process of interpreting what we see and creating a visual image/language from this. Her last solo exhibition was inspired by a period of time spent in the Scottish Highlands. So greatly affected by the vastness of the landscape and the silence due to its isolation, she focused on creating work that reflected felt emotions experienced from being immersed in such an environment. Creating a quiet contemplation in her work that reminded us just how noisy our lives can become.

Ellen Ter Beek
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Visual arts, writing


"I wonder why (not)"

I am what I have become I guess. But I always thought I could become everything I wanted to be. Inventor, writer, painter, traveler, philosopher, poet, soothsayer; those kind of things.

I've never fantasized about working nine to five being a consultant in what I call a corporate environment. Quite interesting though if you can float above it to observe that world. Observing is something I like to do and lately I try not to find anything of what I find.

In order to make my dreams come true, I started studying visual arts at a later age at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (NL) and graduated in 2010. A theme in my work is deconstruction and transience. I am fascinated by the beauty of deserted places where traces of human existence are erased by nature.

Through my stay at Arteles I want to consciously give back the time to myself to discover in silence what my own source is. And maybe discover that I still am despite what I have become.
Cecilia White
Sydney, Australia

Interdisciplinary art, Poetry


I’m currently a Sydney-based interdisciplinary artist, poet and academic who graduated with a PhD in Art, Media and Design, UNSW Art & Design in 2017. My performance, installation and text work includes ‘the breathing space projects,’ performed and exhibited in Singapore, France, Germany, Italy and Australia. These research projects interrogate urgent issues related to developing a sense of self and contribute to a growing and urgent call for significant (inter)personal, social and environmental transformation. Through an interpreted lens of air and breathing, and emotions such as anxiety and wonder, I engage body, multi-lingual text, everyday objects and behaviours, drawing and light to create breathing spaces for compassionate reflection: ephemeral respiratory systems. In that atmosphere, the space within and between our selves may emerge in new and revelatory ways. After an extended and valuable period of writing and presenting papers, the privilege to work in the remote and challenging serenity of December in Finland connects with my reflections on the next steps for my practice and, inevitably, for my self. Kiitos, Arteles!
Jennifer Kumer
Hong Kong / Netherlands

Self-publishing, Creativity coach


"Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes.” - Carl Jung

Jennifer Kumer is a visual artist, design activist, trained creativity coach, and creator of the Empathic Wisdom Cards (project funded on Kickstarter). As an avid advocate for emotional literacy and mental health, she devotes to helping empaths heal & thrive through embodying their fullest creative potential.

She walks her own talk by living a semi-nomadic lifestyle based in the Netherlands while traveling and creating from artist residencies around the world as she coach and facilitate experiences helping people reconnect with their emotions and creativity. She uses mixed-media and publication as a medium to express her fascination with the human psyche and make light of the often-overly-serious world of personal development. You can often find themes of abstract marks, organic shapes, and dynamic colors featured in her work.

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Josh Bell


Josh Bell teaches at Harvard University and is the author of No Planets Strike and Alamo Theory. He has taught for the MFA programs at Columbia University and the University of Iowa, has sometimes served as poetry liaison to Cosmopolitan magazine, and was the recipient of an National Endowment for the Arts grant.
Emma Barthere
Granville, France

Photography, visual art


I was born in 1982 in the Pyrenees Mountains. After studying theater and visual art in Bordeaux (FR), I joined the 'Ecole des Gobelins' in Paris (2003-2005) at the age of 20 and graduated. I then assisted various great photographers and approached the world of fashion and luxury as well as the press.
In 2008, during a meeting organized by the “Maison Européenne de la Photographie”, I met editor Eric Higgins who encouraged me to carry on my personal research. That same year, I became an independent photographer and held my first gallery exhibitions.Since then, I have constantly questioned the relationship we have with the remains of our historical, religious, industrial and living heritage.
"If the Gobelins made it possible for me to assimilate essential technical notions, my theatrical studies are the ones that, in the end, influence my work today.”
My work explores the presence, the irruption, the materialization of bodies in spaces that become scenery as if they were a theatre endowed with ubiquity. Meaning appears, is revealed in a photographic print that testifies to the experience of body movement and meaning.

After 10 years of Parisian frenzy and driven by a vital need to rub shoulders with the elements, I installed my workshop in Granville (Normandy) in 2015.
I'm moving where my senses guide me, where the consciousness may be able to expand. A land of hospitality and creation, Normandy is for me a real playground, an endless source of inspiration. I divide my time between commissions and personal research.
Amy Loder
Wilmington, DE, USA

Research, Education, Curation

Amy Loder is a researcher, educator, and fashion industry veteran whose work explores human relationships to clothing at the intersection of applied psychology, fashion systems, sociology and spirituality. She has a particular interest in redefining business systems and manufacturing practices around clothing creation and consumption.

In the past year, Amy received distinction at London College of Fashion for her original study on Clothing, Memory, and Well-being, currently in submission for journal publication. She is also an active member of the Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion and the International Environmental Forum.

Caterina Leone
Melbourne, Australia


"Sharpen your art like a blade"

Caterina Leone is a Melbourne-based artist revitalising the historic drawing technique of silverpoint to create intimate self-portraits that question societal notions of gender. She inserts herself into the religious, mythological and art historical iconographies that have fascinated her since childhood, and which, due to her biological sex, hold conflicting connotations of exclusion and reverence. In doing so, the artist is able to explore her identity and how it has been shaped by patriarchal, societal ideas of femininity.

Born in Sydney, she studied at the National Art School and worked in arts administration, writing and curating before moving to Melbourne in 2017 to pursue her own art practice. Her work has been featured in online and print publications, most recently in Synaesthesia Magazine in April 2018.

Caterina has been included in numerous group exhibitions and juried art shows in both NSW and Victoria, such as The Way We See Ourselves, a group exhibition at West End Art Space that was selected for the 2018 Melbourne Fringe Festival. A solo show at Rubicon ARI in May was followed by exhibition at Scott Livesey Gallery alongside Lily Mae Martin and other figurative artists in August, and FUTURES exhibition in November 2019.
Christina Marks
USA / Australia



Christina Marks is an Australian multi-disciplinary artist and dramaturg living in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and many plants. Her work currently focuses on inter-genarational inheritance, the legacy of trauma, and the relationship to the natural world in connecting to individual and cultural agency. You can find her on insta @inclement.air and @ditch.witch, as well as
Sasha Amaya
Winnipeg, Canada

Dance, choreography, spatial design


My work takes the form of choreography, installation, performance, and direction, and has shown on stage, in galleries, on videos, and as live music and opera. I am particularly interested in the relationships between sound, music, movement, and dance, as well as architectural and choreographic processes.
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