Silence Awareness Existence residency program
Alexander Lumans
Denver, CO, USA

Fiction Writing

"I believe in the power of obsessions--not explaining them, but rather allowing them to guide the process of artistic discovery."

I spent part of 2015 as a Fellow on The Arctic Circle Residency for its Summer Solstice Expedition in Svalbard, Norway. This residency involved a three-week June excursion aboard a tall ship that sailed the international waters of Svalbard. Since the residency’s conclusion, I have worked on a novel manuscript entitled The Half-Finished Heaven. Personally visiting the Arctic gave my manuscript the nuanced foundation successful fiction requires. I was able to research climate change, survival practices, and phenomena unique to the region. Thanks to this influential visit, I have acquired a deep love of all things Arctic. Most importantly, I met four female Norwegian Polar Guards. (A Polar Guard’s main job is to protect their hires from polar bears.) These four have since served as the inspiration for my novel’s protagonist and story.

Living in the Colorado has inspired me to be more focused on contemporary climate change as a subject matter; Norway’s terrain and ecology reflect much of what my work addresses in terms of the most serious environmental threats. In addition to this, I have become invested in portraying what it means to be a woman working in an industry, environment, and culture that has historically and predominantly been the realm of men. By addressing the Arctic’s people and environment in novel form, I will offer insight into a region shaped by both international and local decisions in hopes that those decisions can be made with increased awareness and empathy in the future.
Mattie Sempert
Melbourne, Australia / Portland, USA

Ficto-critical writing, experimental & performative essay


"Experimental essayist seeks percussionist"

I love to learn, wander, experiment, and play. I also love the process of writing: to learn, wander, experiment and play with words and language. The essay, I’ve discovered, is a literary form that is eager to wander and think with me. Its purpose, after all, is to ‘attempt’ and ‘seek.’ Together we have learned how to think transversally across body and language with the help of concepts from process-oriented philosophy (I’m also an acupuncturist who works with flesh and knows a lot about bodies).

For my PhD research project (Creative Writing), I wrote a collection of ficto-critical philosophic essays that did just that: the big body of essays was able to demonstrate the ‘body’ is a site of knowledge-making, alive. The PhD—as conveyed through the essay-bodies—showed how, in the creative-critical process, the essay form itself becomes process. How they grow, change and become.

We have also explored what the essay can do off the page, and have had several delightful experiences performing with the cello. Collaboration is something we want to do much more of. We are also interested in experimenting with ways to give voice to nonhuman entities. Bodies are everywhere, craving a voice.

My scholarly work can be found through the above link (search Sempert, M)

Fiona Kemp
Sydney, Australia

Visual Art


I am a multidisciplinary artist whose body of work explores the way certain objects, images and repetitive practices resonate memory. The media varies according to the nature of each project and additional study in clinical psychology informs the theoretical underpinnings of some of the work.

There are certain patterns and themes that have become identifiable in the work over time. This is interesting to me as it has not been driven by a conscious process.

Often, going on in the background, there is some sort of collection developing, and this can, over time, evolve into a work.

It also seems work emanates out of a lived space or activity. For example, I spend time each week swimming laps in a pool and many works are conceived from within this fluid and moving space.
Nathalia Favaro
São Paulo, Brazil

Sculpture, drawing, video


Nathalia Favaro is an architect, designer and artist. These fields plays complementary roles in her research. Through clay, drawings, photography and video she explores our relation with the territory. She holds a Bachelor in Architecture from Mackenzie University in 2006, Buenos Aires University - UBA in 2004 and Design from Senac in 2010. She was an artist-in-residence at EKWC-European Ceramic Work Centre in the Netherlands 2017, at Gaya Ceramics, Indonesia and Labverde, Brazil 2018.
Giulia Mattera
Rome, Italy

Performance art


"It is what it is."

Giulia Mattera is an Italian performance artist, whose research-led practice questions ecology, gender, daily life and social structures as ritualised behaviours.

With a strong visual focus her research based practice explores natural elements via the body. By using repetition as a tool to erase pre-constructed meanings, she sets herself tasks that deal with failure and challenge the preconceptions of body-mind limitations.

She has showed her work in the USA and all around Europe: Grace Exhibition Space (Brooklyn, NYC), Venice International Performance Art Week (Venice, Italy), Warsaw International Performance Art Weekend (Warsaw, Poland) and in numerous British venues.

She holds a Masters degree in Performance Making from Goldsmiths College (London, UK), whereas her undergraduate studies focused on theatre, art and communication.
Natsuki Suda


I am inspired by sounds of nature and scenery. There are no human beings in my music. It expresses a mysterious world in the depth of plants, objects and living things, invisible to the eye. I process the sounds of nature to make a rhythm to express my feelings felt from nature. I make songs based on that sound. I use instruments like a piano, a violin, drums, a guitar and digital sounds. I process the sounds of nature like rain, wind, and waves, and more.

I have cultivated my musicality with influences such as classic, jazz, bossa nova, EDM, pop, and electronica.

My music is a fusion of noise and instruments. I express the growth and change of life with gradually changing sounds and music.

There is this mysterious world that forms the deep, unseen, internal core of all that we see. I aim to bring that world to life more than ever before though sound and music.
Victoria Smith
New York City, USA

Painting, mixed Media


"My job is to daydream."

I am an American artist based in New York City.

I depict my experience of environments, emotions and memories in an interconnected way.

Realizing the advantage of limitation as a means towards self liberation, I choose to work in solitude with minimal materials.

Living in a fast-paced, stressful world has proven to be unhealthy. Getting lost, allowing my mind to wander and lose track of time gives me access to imagination and awareness.

I earned my B.F.A. in painting at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts.

At Arteles Creative Center, I intend to get lost in every moment.
Melissa Delaney
Saigon, Vietnam / Australia

Text, Drawing, Performance

"Some of the most important work happens within an intimate space."

Currently living and working in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Melissa's recent research dwells in the intersections between wellness practice and social sculpture. Drawing from a background as an electronic and experimental artist, Melissa uses whatever medium suits at the time. This includes directing festivals, sound art, video, digital photography, performance, text and writing, drawing, installation, textile art, strategy as art, and making spaces for herself and others to be creative.

As an individual artist and part of the collective sociocreative trust, In addition to a rich experience of experimental art practice, Melissa is exploring wellness studies including meditation, nutrition and yoga which coincides with her interests in the slow movement, in food, in food systems, and influences the way she works with others. Melissa is keen to always make her own time, and also values those small moments.
Jia Zeng
Xiamen, China

Painting, fiber

I combine fiber surfaces and multiple layers of paint, including flashe, spray paint and oil with brush and sprayer. My abstract marks are overlaid with layers of grids. The more layers the painting has, the more complex the history of the process. I am more interested in attempting to create or reflect on a certain emotion that can bring the viewer into the painting than in literal representation or aestheticize the surface. My subjects are drawn from my surrounding objects and my personal impression. While exploring a range of emotions, my work is addressing metaphorical and poetic perception. Making the substrates for the painting surfaces bring me closer to the work. Although, I work with various formats and shapes, the circle repeats consistently in small fiber work because it is a ‘completed’ shape that allows for an open composition. My materials and processes emphasize the beauty in imperfection. I want to maintain the integrity of the materials and natural pigments. The accidental mistake, the fleeting moment and the incomplete are all contained within my work.
Soramimi Hanarejima

Creative writing, cognitive linguistics

Soramimi Hanarejima is a writer of innovative fiction and the author of Visits to the Confabulatorium, a fanciful story collection that Jack Cheng said, "captures moonlight in Ziploc bags."

Believing that to wield words is to shape thought—the essential substance of our humanity—I write innovative fiction that gives form to ideas with the ability to expand our rapport with the psyche. Striving to use language precisely and playfully in pursuit of insights, I draw upon my studies in Cognitive Linguistics with Professor George Lakoff at UC Berkeley as well as literary sensibilities I have gained from workshops with Anita Desai, Joe Haldeman, Joan Kane and Steve Almond. My work recent work can be found in The Best Asian Speculative Fiction 2018, The Flexible Persona and KYSO Flash.
Ilija Melentijevic
Australia / Yugoslavia

Visual and interactive art


I started drawing from an early age and never stopped. My first solo exhibition was at age 5 in 'Honey Bee 2' kindergarten in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

To me, pursuing art feels much like scientific research, discovering things that are already ""out there"" but dormant and unseen. I take special interest in creating narrative, interactive and procedural media such as comics, animations or games.

Being at a new chapter of my life, I am in a period of heightened open-mindedness, and am learning a lot by trying new things and letting my environment and circumstance take me in unplanned directions. After years of flamboyantly lush wilderness of Australia, I welcome the understated eloquence of Finnish winter.
Jovana Yoka Terzic aka
Animal Bro

Australia / Yugoslavia

Visual art


My art practice is closely related to my relationship with nature and often with my current environment. Most of my work revolves around universal themes of rebirth, transformation, interconnectedness, personal quest and ancestral heritage. Animal Bro is my attempt to embrace and manifest my animal persona and is the backbone of my mission as an artist to reconnect people to nature.

I don’t premeditate the creative process much in advance as it naturally comes into focus as I grasp what the character is of a place. My only plan is to be quiet, listen, and make a visual record what I hear. I look forward to spending a month in a wintry forest in Finland, and take part in the silence that man, bird, bug and beast share together in awareness and awe of the land that they grew out of.
Erin Purcell
Finland / USA



I view the camera as a conduit, a means of perception and transmission. The act of taking photographs is a place of contact, bridging the internal and external, material and immaterial, life and death. The inherently symbolic quality of photographic representation allows me to compose emotive visual poems or narratives to articulate the non-verbal & convey the invisible. While my psychobiography is inseparable from the conception of each image, I create to examine, enlarge and enrich the hidden forces beneath the surface of existence.

My current photographic practice embodies curiosity and attentive observation—a process of learning to be more receptive to life’s offerings particularly to what emerges amidst the seemingly mundane. I work intuitively, creating a pool of images over time from which I select and sequence pictures, arranging them in distinct bodies of work. Images are printed using analog techniques. These methods are durational, requiring slowness and time. They also leave room for the unexpected, and I invite chance into the making of each work.
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