Silence Awareness Existence residency program
Shana Kohnstamm
Bethesda, MD. USA

Sculpture, visual art


Blurring the boundaries between fine art and high craft, I create soft sculptures that are both familiar and strange, whimsical and dangerous, utilitarian and decorative. My fascination with wool as a medium drives me to push the boundaries of what is expected of textile and fiber art, and my joy of experimentation translates to the artwork I create.
Christina Cucurullo
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Sound, writing, performance art


"No human is exempt from suffering, but art gives us vehicle for a transformative experience."

Christina Cucurullo is an experimental and experiential artist whose work is an exploration of impermanence. Creating textural loops from an array of pedals, toys, bass, vocals, synth and found sounds, her performances are intense and haunting. Since 2016, Cucurullo has played festivals and venues across the US and Mexico under the moniker, Spookstina. Her tour history includes performances inside of a giant Wayne White puppet exhibit (Chattanooga, TN), the Museo del Metro during rush hour (Mexico City, MX), an hour-long set at a 48-hour non-stop drone festival inside of an old shopping mall (Miami, FL), and many more.

For nearly 20 years, Cucurullo has been heavily involved in all aspects of North Carolina’s DIY music community. She is co-founder and co-director of All Data Lost (Raleigh, NC); an annual DIY music festival in its third year, dedicated to highlighting and connecting experimental musicians and performance artists across NC and the US. She is passionate about providing artists with new and positive opportunities for personal and artistic growth.

When she’s not immersed in music, Cucurullo works full-time for the Exhibits & Digital Media section in the basement of one of the largest natural science museums in the southeast USA (1mil+ visitors per year).

During her residency at Arteles, Cucurullo will be both working on material for an upcoming album and enhancing the conceptualization of her live performances.
Solange Baqués

Photography, site specific


Solange Baqués was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has a Degree in Political Science and Foreign Affairs. She studied Photography with Ángela Copello, Adriana Lestido and contemporary art with Fabiana Barreda and Lorena Ferández. Participated in Proyecto Imaginario 1 & 2.

Solange explores identities through memories and family albums. She builds small altars and plays constantly with the idea of emptiness, life and death, remembrance and forgetfulness and invites the viewer to complete her pictures.

During "Art in Origin" ,residence in Santander - Spain with Andrea Juan, Solange started to link these same ideas with the environment, her last work "Quietness" shows our emptiness and reflections.

Selected to be part of Yumi Goto's workshop in Buenos Aires 2019, "The Photobook as an Object" , gave form to her book "Memoria Imaginaria".

Joshua Legallienne
Essex, UK

Sonic art

I am an artist exploring the sonic qualities of everyday materials. For many years I have been working on Action Without Action, a collection of sculptural works and performances that produce acoustic sound without the use of loudspeakers, electronics, or conventional sources of energy. My works are constructed from materials not usually associated with sonic creation, instead relying on the interaction of natural phenomena and kinetic actions to produce sound. I believe committing to the act of listening and giving one’s full attention is a political act, awareness gives us agency. In line with this, my work exists only when it is experienced live – it is predominantly undocumented and I have no website or accessible online presence.
Elise Guillaume

Video, photography


"Video artist and photographer "

Deeply concerned with the current state of the environment, I explore and document industries which exploit Nature- such as the mining or the fishing industry. My process involves visiting, sometimes infiltrating sites for research and development. As a young woman, I notice similarities between the treatment of Nature and women, leading me to explore this strong relationship between body and Earth. Through photography and audiovisual mediums, I find links in between these places to create contrasting narratives. I studied Fine Art in London at Central Saint Martins, a BA at Goldsmiths University and will next begin an MA in Contemporary Art Practice at the Royal College of Art.
Sophie de Vos
The Netherlands



Sophie’s work consists of her fascination for what it means to be human. Human nature, dealing with the passing of time, transience, decay and loss are returning subjects in her work.

For human beings, these subjects are often emotionally charged, while in nature they’re the most common thing in the world. Sophie shows and questions this contrast in her work by creating images in which the human body is combined with natural materials. Words are an important part of Sophie’s work as well, and this shows in her use of titles. Her photographic series tell a story both visually and through language.

Sophie’s artistic practice revolves mostly around photography and works on paper, in which Sophie uses minimal visuals to get to the essence of the subjects and issues at hand.
Erik Daniel White
Lincoln, Nebraska, United States



Erik attentively paints from miniature models of hastily formed figures, symbols, objects, and scenes that were crafted with never-dry clay. He paints the malleable character of the clay by depicting its bumps and dents, which emphasizes the fragility, impermanence, and the physical construction of the forms. Those visual attributes serve as a metaphor for the social construction of the concepts within the chosen imagery. “To create my images, I build clay up and physically move it around—in a similar way, ideas and concepts get built up, manipulated, and changed over time.” His paintings serve as a cultural critique and a meditation on some of America’s attitudes towards the environment, food consumption, peace, liberty, tax policies, religion, and America’s obsession with competition; they allude to political failures, and national shortcomings.
Grace De Morgan
Sydney, Australia



Born in Hong Kong, Grace is a Sydney-based writer and playwright who is interested in exploring faith and ambivalence through comic drama. She has written for the Australian Theatre for Young People, The Big Issue, Canberra Youth Theatre, Channel Ten’s Good News Week, Junkee, Melbourne Fringe,, Penguin Random House, Playwriting Australia, ABC’s The Roast, SBS Life, Seizure, the Sydney Morning Herald, The Wheeler Centre, and VICE. Her non-fiction wine book 'Everything Happens For A Riesling' is available in stores and online.
Joëlle Anthony (aka J.M. Kelly)
British Columbia, Canada

Writing, acting


"Start anywhere and don't stop." - screenwriter Richard Marcus. This is how I try to create art..

J. M. Kelly is the occasional pen name for the writer, actress, and playwright, Joëlle Anthony. Born in Portland, Oregon, she makes her home in British Columbia, Canada. However, she has spent the last year, traveling around the US, Canada, and Europe cat-sitting for people while they go on holiday, and intends to continue doing that indefinitely.

She spent her childhood with her nose in a book, often in the backseat of whatever antique car her dad had at the time. She's worked as an actress, a Minor League Baseball souvenir hawker, the Easter Bunny, and various other not-so-odd jobs. Now she mostly writes novels, but she still dabbles in sketch comedy, nonfiction, and teaching writing to both kids and adults ( With a developing interest in stand-up comedy and a love of theatre, a return to acting seems to be inevitable, and while she intends to work on fiction at Arteles, she suspects there will be some comedy written as well. She hopes so!

Her first four books are for children and teens. Speed of Life, Joëlle's third novel, was a White Pine nominee, hailed by Publisher's Weekly as: a believable portrait of blue-collar teens struggling to make it work against tough odds. She's also the author of the 2017 Middle Grade novel, A Month of Mondays, which was an OLA Forest Kid Committee Summer Reading List pick, a VOYA Top Shelf Award winner, and a 2019 Chocolate Lily Nominee. She is currently finishing her first novel for adults, an historical novel set in 1962 Vancouver, BC called Between Over and Next
Julie Barratt
Zilzie, Australia

Artist books, works on paper, installation


Julie Barratt is an Australian artist who lives and works on Darumbal country in the tiny remote community of Zilzie on the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef. Julie is a visual artist, curator and arts industry professional whose practise encompasses printmaking, photography, artist books, works on paper and installation. In addition to her solo practise, she collaborates with other printmakers, book artists, writers, sound and performance artists.

Julie is passionate about community arts and artists, inclusion and accessibility and this is apparent in her work as an arts industry professional who has worked for many years in the sector as a curator, regional manager and producer. She is regionally located and globally connected, and has worked in places as far flung as as New York, Seoul, Wilcannia, Bristol, and Kathmandu, where she set up art studios for young deaf Nepali women as a stepping stone into employment.

Predominant themes in Julie's work lie in narrative explorations of the human condition, personal, family and place histories, and the consciousness of objects. Her works are often site-specific, responding to environmental energetics and often include elements that are labour intensive and contemplative.

Living in close proximity to the ocean and the elements has provoked a renewed awareness of our fragile environment and the subtle dependencies between water, life and nature in our eco-system. Julie's most recent works on paper are a collaboration with the tide pools at the bottom of her garden.
Ayesha L. Rubio
Madrid, Spain

Writing, illustration, animation


Ayesha L. Rubio is a visual artist and writer.

She works mainly in creating children's books for the international market. Still, her Fine Arts background and her love for film and literature keep her curiosity alive to expand her creativity into different practices and fields in the artistic realm.

She has a particular interest in exploring emotions, the language of the dormant mind, and the relationship between humans and nature. One of her recurrent scenarios is the woods as the symbolic space to step into subconsciousness and inner exploration where fears, dreams, and desires, are always mirrored by the wilderness' symbolism.
Robert Fowler
Chicago, USA

Design poetry & music


"The cold woods may know"

Out of Chicago, USA, Robert is a designer, writer, and musician. His influences come from a curiosity of the natural world–working with colors and shapes, resembling scientific diagrams and information. Ending up with results that are absurd, yet familiar and organic. Whaltho is the identity which he assumes while working, finding that a separation from his birth face exposes a philosophy of creation inspired by an interaction with the source of his life long ingenuity and observations. He has played in a band in Chicago for three years called Faintlife, and performs solo experimental electronic music. His work has been shown in multiple independent gallery shows in Chicago.

The space between each moment is connected by a line–a line with a particular color, and each moment of a particular shape. What shape has no line before it, and what color could it possibly be? The cold woods may know.
Lorraine Hamilton
Glasgow, Scotland

Sculpture, immersive installation


"...but does it melt?"

I have been working with sculpture, collaborative performance and installation since graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 2011. My work oscillates around the contradiction of the highly personal and the collective; that which is expressed privately, deeply, emotionally and that which is shared and impressed upon by others.

Ephemeral and non-traditional materials are often the bridge through which I articulate these opposing desires. I have previously used tactile and absorptive materials such as powders, jelly, sugar, plaster and cloth which invite audiences and participants to touch and interact with them, but which also prompt ethical decisions around one’s actions, as a reflection of how we all shape one another and our environments. I aim to enable a deeply personal and embodied experience for those that interact personally with my work, whilst prompting reflection on collective and social activity. My work is deeply rooted in feminist practice and those which are considered domestic, drawing out subtle power balances and questions of agency.
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