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Rosa Spring Voss

Video, Photography, Poetry


Rosa Spring Voss (they/them) is an Australian/German visual artist, writer and postpartum carer living on Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung land in Melbourne, Australia.

They are interested in how and what a sustainable practice looks like in the context of interpersonal relationships, family dynamics and labour. Rosa makes durational video work and photographic projects which are grounded in practices of somatics and theories of psychology (Internal Family Systems and Attachment Theory) often accompanied with tender words.

In 2023 they graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (First Class Honours) at the Victorian College of Arts, Melbourne. Rosa was a finalist in the 2019 National Portrait Prize and the recipient of the Melbourne University Chin Chin Award for excellence in 2023. They are currently on residency at The Performing Arts Forum, France.
Janet Harris

Drawing, Painting


"Lost and found through art."

I trained as an Art Therapist, working in mental health in Canada and England, before moving into public health. My special interest is community wellbeing in the broadest sense - which includes how people connect to place, and how they connect to each other. During the Covid 19 pandemic, all of these connections were disrupted. I began working with a local group that supports the building of networks across organisations and local people in deprived neighbourhoods to reduce risk and manage isolation. The contact was virtual; along with many others I was required to stay indoors. When I was able to venture out after a year, despite taking all precautions, I became ill, and subsequently developed Long Covid. The time indoors gave me protected time to deepen my art practice. Time in a holistic rehabilitation and recovery programme introduced me to new concepts about the relationship between our minds and our bodies. This has led me to explore art as a healing process (the new science of neuroaesthetics). I am exploring how the act of creating can heal the neurological system, and I hope to use my time at Arteles to focus on this process.
Jung-Hsuan Chang
Changhua, Taiwan

Ink painting


I am Hsuan. My primary medium for creating art is ink painting. I am very interested in everything about nature, and my artistic themes revolve around the plants and insects I encounter in nature. I believe that people need to be baptised by nature to achieve physical and mental peace. I am dedicated to creating works that allow people to feel calm and healed.

Jewel Hovland
Florida, USA

Painting, Drawing, Assemblage


"The center of it all cannot be seen."

I think there’s something ineffably harmonious about the eye’s interactions with patterns everywhere. In a way, the eye is very much like a window- the access point between the interior and exterior, ourselves and our environment. Embodying the process of vision illuminates as much about the world we observe as how we observe it. Visual motifs like repetition and symmetry are paralleled in the structure of sensory organs and countless natural phenomena. Just as the retina is a flat circle made of millions of cellular pinpoints, our constant field of vision becomes a circular whole of stimuli. These visual epiphanies or “experiments in sight” are my way of deepening my understanding and giving each morsel of earth space for eyes to fully see.
Yotam Feldman
Tel-Aviv, Israel

Film, Writing


I'm a filmmaker and writer from Tel-Aviv, Israel. For years I've been an invesitgative jounalist for Haaretz new paper. I've directed "The Lab", a political documentary about the Israeli weapons industry, and written "The Solar Mind" an illustrated philosophical treatise about human consciousness and the sun. I also publish "Lot" an arti/literature magazine in Israel. I am interested in metaphysical art and theater, classical literature, surrealism the Nietzschean philosophy. In my work I try to combine my personal experience with a life-long philosophical inquiry.
Laurie Shapiro
New York, USA

Painting, Installation, Textiles


"I create colorful and meditation artwork to help people feel seen, connected, and peaceful."

I am a visual artist whose work employs a layering technique that combines painting, screenprinting, sewing, and sculpture to create all-encompassing, visually stimulating installations and individual pieces. The environments I create transport viewers into psychedelic womb-like environments: handcrafted, vibrant, and filled with patterns and colors that invite interaction and meditation. I was born with a condition that causes progressive deafness as I age, muting my experience of the outer world while my inner world is amplified. These internal emotional experiences manifest as vibrant and captivating visuals, enveloping viewers in a realm of color and wonder. Paintings are particularly expressive, with subjects often using exaggerated gestures to communicate. I primarily understand the world through visual stimuli and internal feelings, and this, in turn, colors all of my work. Central to my artistic practice are screen-printed floral patterns and imagery—drawings of plants that “speak” to me. Heavily informed by my internal and spiritual experiences, my work urges viewers - in a time of climate devastation - to listen not through noise but through feeling and intuition.

Wesley Weissberg
Cold Spring, New York, USA

Fiction Writing

"Telling lies living her truth"

Wesley is thrilled to be at Arteles to hike, write, unplug, and enjoy the midnight sun. This is her first time in Finland. Before enrolling in the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson, she worked as a public radio producer and a potter. Since she graduated, her work has been shortlisted for the Master’s Review Prize for emerging writers and longlisted for the Disquiet Prize, and she has been awarded residencies at Millay Arts, Hambridge, and Prospect House. When not at a residency, she lives in Cold Spring, New York with her husband, dog and cat, and sometimes her grown children. She is — or should be — at work on a novel.

Hao Zhang
London, UK

Traditional Chinese watercolour painting & calligraphy, Mixed Media, Textured Installation


Hao is a young traditional Chinese calligraphy and watercolour painting practiser. She completed Master degree of Mathematics in the UK in 2023, specialising Theoretical Particle Physics. Hao’s current artwork experiences a transition to mixed media, textured installation and writing.

Hao started traditional Chinese calligraphy and watercolour painting in 2007. She experiments such cultural elements as crucial foundational expression, together with multi-disciplinary art forms.

Many of Hao’s artworks interwind with her own experiences as a global citizen, a daughter and a partner. Her inspirations and creations come from her nature as a being. These works encode some certain stage of “change” — reflecting the shiver, shift and aftermath from intimacy.

She is not limited in one discipline of drawing. The different dimensions Hao adds to her artworks intend to unfold a lens of contemporary topics of living. Hao usually relates her work to her community.

Sometimes she’s recognised as “(Die) Chocolate Cosmos”.
Rebecca Welz

Sculpture, Mixed Media


My work is inspired by natural wonders and ecological processes that combine to give us biodiversity. I am concerned with the role that humans have in sustaining or destroying our biodiversity. My steel sculpture utilizes lines that combine together to make form relating to systems and networks in nature such as the underground mycelium fungi that connects plants and trees together. Studying and teaching biomimicry has led me to discover a myriad of remarkable functions in the natural world which continue to energize me.

My sculptures begin with straight, round steel rods of varying thicknesses. The steel is bent, curved and secured in an entirely intuitive process to build form using the primal elements of heat and fire from an oxy-acetylene torch. The heating, bending and welding process is repeated until the form is complete and there appears to be no beginning or end to the lines.

On a recent trip to Costa Rica, I photographed rivers from above and was fascinated by the types of curves the water forges in the land. From above the rivers seemed like veins in the earth carrying lifeblood. Drawing from these observations, I have been working on a series of mixed media collages.
Manuela Pecorari
London, UK / Italy

Performance Design, Research, Weaving


Merging my interest in performance design, design for shared spaces, feminist practices and a focus on the body, I have been researching these themes to develop a system for scenographers to find communion with a new place. As someone who has relocated for the pursuit of their creative endeavours and got tangled in the mechanisms of a rushed, perfectionist society, I try, first and foremost, to give myself permission to be slow and in deep listening.

I come from a background in theatre design, and in the lead-up to the Residency, I am exploring movement and free weaving as active practices of rethinking my relationship with my surroundings. I'm interested in the marks a new place leaves on our bodies and our inner life, and what we can give back.
Hana GUI Shi Jun
Shen Zhen, China

Conceptual Art, Performance Art


"Returning to the most basic sensations of the body and experiencing unpredictable feedback from the natural environment."

Hana GUI Shi Jun graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a degree in fine arts and from Hong Kong Baptist University with a degree in experience design. She currently lives and works in Shenzhen. Her works often start from the minutiae of daily life, rediscovering and tracing the operational networks behind habitual experiences and rules, and attempting to push the boundaries of everyday constructions and transform these relationships. She focuses on wild life forms that grow in the gaps. In her recent practice, she returns to the most basic bodily sensations to experience the unpredictable feedback brought by the natural environment. Rather than setting a concept in advance and then practicing, she engages in interactions with nature, exploring what can be learned from these experiences and using them to inform her consciousness. Her works encompass photograph, installation, performance, and experiential design. Her works have been showcased at the Hong Kong Sculpture Biennial, Design Twin Cities, Shenzhen Biennale of Contemporary Art, among other exhibitions.
Tom Gurn
Kaurna Yerta (Adelaide), Australia

Writing, Filmmaking, Journalism


"Everyone tells stories, it's how we understand the world. I just try to write the good ones down."

I'm an emerging writer, living on unceded Kaurna land in South Australia.

Broadly speaking, I'm interested in humanity (whatever that means) and the masks we wear to navigate our ever-complicated worlds.

My creative practice usually materializes as short stories, where I aim to capture the human instinct for storytelling. I draw on the real world, and people around me, so most of my works could be described as contemporary realism. I employ some fantastical and hyperbolic elements, too, which is mostly inspired by my Mum's passion for oral storytelling and willful, excessive exaggeration.

I also regularly discuss and critique movies on Adelaide's 3D Radio, and when time permits, enjoy making microbudget short films about nothing in particular. At the moment I am doing some freelance science communication journalism, on top of that, which helps keep me grounded in reality (rather than stuck up there drifting in the fictional ether).
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