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Andrew Choate
Columbia, South Carolina, USA

Writing, photography, performance


"Eliciting frisson from the frivolous since 1981"

After becoming a passionate admirer of bollards – the concrete and steel posts that protect buildings, equipment, and people from moving vehicles – I adopted the persona of Saint Bollard, wherein I perform with and photograph these ubiquitous objects.
Kento Yokose
Tokyo, Japan

Visual arts, photography, installation

"Looking for something (small but) beautiful"

Kento Yokose is an interdisciplinary artist working in various of fields, including research, installation, photography, writing, design, and art direction. He focuses on human nature in COMPOSITION, which consists of the elements such as material, color, text, sound, and everything that humans can perceive with the senses, and investigates the possibilities of CREATION crossing disciplines and media. His creative activity presents a perspective on the contrasts or relationships between concepts such as human and nature, modernity and history, analogue and digital, and space and time.
Bee Hayes
Dunfermline, Scotland

Ceramics, illustration, printmaking


"Too many ideas, not enough lifetime..."

Having qualified in both social anthropology and fashion design, I am currently a ceramicist working with porcelain, a material I find really satisfying and versatile. In my ceramics practice I throw or slip cast, and then polish, glaze or illustrate my vessels. I find I am constantly discovering new ideas and ways of working, and I am dedicated to design and functionality: I feel strongly that the things in our lives, that we use, should enhance the everyday and I want my work to perform that as a function as much as being usable vessels.

I am also an illustrator and, although I mainly use that as a tool to push forward my ceramics and design work, I have recently been studying printmaking. A year of exploring different techniques and ways to make marks and create layered and unique new artworks with no end point of functionality has made me want to explore this further. I feel quite liberated from my everyday ceramics practice in that my prints have no 'reason'. This is a new way of working and thinking for me, but the spontaneity of ideas comes from the same place. The dialogue between colour, the natural world and distinctive elements of design heritage both from the west and the global south is what gives me my impetus to keep on interrogating and creating.

Dan Busta
Los Angeles USA



"Conceptual photographer making staged scenarios"

Over the course of my photo career, my work has ranged in all types of ways, from skate photography, celebrities, fine art, studio portraiture and commercial fashion. I pride myself with taking the time to construct and craft my images. Going back to basics and gaining creative inspiration from nordic culture will be just what I need to continue my work in a creative direction. I like to build and modify environments, build sets, scenarios, or situations, and photograph people or things in these spaces. Currently most of my photography has been built from commercial work. I'm looking forward to taking time to look beyond the commerce to create something more meaningful.
Michele Rolstone
Cape Town / Johannesburg, South Africa

Printmaking, sculpture, mixed media


South African artist and printmaker, Michele Rolstone, holds a BAFA from the Michaelis School for Fine Art, University of Cape Town. Rolstone trained and worked as a professional printmaker in Cape Town for a number of years before moving to Johannesburg, joining the artist community of August House. Although trained in traditional printmaking, her practice is at its core interdisciplinary and experimental. Looking to the tradition of storytelling as a form of knowledge transfer, Rolstone sees her recent works as texts, adapting mythologies for the contemporary context. She reflects on the relationship between personal and collective experience and the process of locating the self within, and in relation to, the zeitgeist. She uses symbols to write subtexts into her work, and is deeply fascinated with the way in which meaning becomes ever more complex and layered over time through a process of diverse and repetitive interpretation. She hopes that using familiar symbolic references will serve as visual cues for interpretive participation and co-creation.
Dora Colquhoun

Theatre, songwriting, facilitation


"Through her wonderfully quirky way of looking at things, and careful foolery, Dora finds ways of making connections with you as an audience member, regardless whether you are 5 or 75"

I am a neurodivergent theatre maker and performer based in Liverpool. I have a wealth of varied experience as a performer ranging from children's theatre, stand up comedy, to penning my own Musical: ADHD The Musical: Can I have Your Attention Please? I am interested in making work that is observant, humorous and examines the world we live in. I enjoy collaboration and working with artists from different disciplines. I usually work with musicians to create songs, I am the lyricist and melody maker.

I am currently focusing on writing, exploring themes around class in the UK. I am hoping to create a new piece of work that examines how we got to this burning wreckage that is British Politics in 2022. Hopefully with some biting wit and aplomb. I am certainly not an expert in politics, but I do know a dairy milk chocolate bar has doubled in price...........all is not well.
Nicole Massy
Asheville, USA

Sculpture, installation, dance


"consciousness focused sculptor + dancer exploring our interconnection to the natural world and to each other"

I am an interdisciplinary artist working across sculpture, installation, and dance. My work explores our relationship to the natural world and to each other. Sourcing my materials directly from nature, I merge the organic with the industrial to reflect on the shifting balance between the natural and manmade environment. Through creating artwork from ephemeral organic matter, I seek to reflect on the impermanent and the cyclical nature of all things.
Hilla Spitzer
Tel Aviv, Israel

Painting, drawing


In a slow, exploratory and intuitive process, I connect the fragments that make up the pictorial image. In this way, I give deep meaning and attention to the painting process itself, and less to the final result, that is, the painting process is the basis of the work, and not the pursuit of a predetermined image. In fact, the painting does not begin and does not end with a complete image, but is built slowly, during the act of painting.

The finished result in the paintings is an expression of pictorial processes and inventions, ""mistakes"", investigations of color, texture and movements of an image that is not realistic and that is not mimetic. At first glance, certain details can be identified in the painting; A tree trunk, a bench, a building, a hill, a sunbeam. These are placed on the painting surface after undergoing an interpretive and abstract process. In this way, the final image is built - similar to the traditional process - from pictorial layers, but these do not cover each other in a patchy-linear manner that hides what was there before, but rather ""celebrates"" the experiment and questioning through the expansion of the painting in a linear - infinite manner while potentially offering The painting to be painted forever.
Alexandra Neuman
New York, USA

Video, performance, collage


"i come from a vaginal planet, our energy is sourced from a giant hole in the tides"

My work reimagines the human ‘being’ as an ongoing ecological process rather than as an individual body or Self. I seek to articulate the ways in which bodies and planets continuously co-create one another within an ever-changing living matrix.

My visual language engages the power of the grotesque—vaginal openings, intestinal worms, bodily fluids, voluptuous swamps, reptilian secretions—anything carrying the potential to disrupt the boundaries of Self, anything possessing a slithering primordial power.

I use my artistic practice as a research method that is inclusive of and receptive to the Mystery. The creative process is my portal to all the magical, mythical, and matriarchal ways of knowing that have been sacrificed along the trajectories of colonization and patriarchy.

My films have exhibited at Anthology Film Archives, Museum of the Moving Image, and Museum of Sex. I recently published a tarot deck and guidebook 'radical becoming in the ongoing now' with Onomatopee Projects in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

As an extension of my performance practice, I use my tarot deck to give readings at mutual aid events and play parties. In the past year I have been creating and facilitating group workshops in collaboration with Alchemist’s Kitchen and Chemistry-NYC.
Martine van Bijlert

Poetry, photography, research


I'm a poet, novelist and non-fiction writer, who grew up in Iran and now lives in the Netherlands. In between, I worked as an aid worker, researcher and diplomat, mostly in Afghanistan. Last year’s collapse of the Kabul government pulled me back into a period of intense political reporting, which I'm just coming out of, while I kept writing poetry and started a series of hybrid essays.

Lately, I’ve been looking into gender fluidity and storytelling, documentary poetics, auto-ethnography, the limitations of empathy, and abstractions like ‘cultures of circulation.’

I’m bringing my notes and my cameras, and am looking forward to finding out what life looks like without Google.
Tomotsugu Nakamura
Tokyo, Japan

Painting, sculpture, photography


"Nature has been a medium for me to represent the past, present, and future, and express my way of life."

Born in Amagasaki City, Hyogo.
From an early age, I was familiar with the arts as my father was a painter and my aunt was a Japanese dance teacher. As a child, I used to make my own sculptures out of fallen trees and play with stones, polishing them incessantly. Since then, nature has been a medium for me to represent the past, present, and future, and express my way of life.

In 2010, I presented my works at a solo exhibition hazuki gallery and started my artist activities. Since then, she has been presenting sculptures, paintings, intarations, and photographs using natural materials. In the world of the sea, where there are no flowers, she creates works such as flower arrangements, painting using flowers and plants as brushes, and sculptures using stone and wood.
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