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Sarah Holding

Children's fiction, Adult fiction, Poetry


"Taking a creative approach to life wherever it leads me"

Formerly an architect and an academic (publishing books and articles as Sarah Chaplin), I am now a full-time author based in south-west London.

I mostly write in the emerging genre of cli-fi or climate fiction, having published ‘SeaBEAN, the trilogy’ in 2013-2014, ‘Chameleon’ in 2020, and ‘How to Write a Poem’ in 2021.

This is my first writing residency and I am looking forward to this precious month at Arteles away from my busy family life, when I shall be working on a new collection of poems, possibly some short stories inspired by my Finnish surroundings, and finding the focus to complete the first draft of a new YA novel. I enjoy going for walks in nature, meditating, cooking, practising yoga, and trying to learn Japanese. As someone who also loves meeting new people, drawing and playing jazz, I also hope to learn something from the other residents working on the music and art side!
Yoomee Ko
New York, USA / Korea

Painting, Poetry


"I want to experience it all—from overwhelming joy to inescapable suffering—of what it means to live an ordinary life, each one so intricately beautiful and extraordinary."

Currently based in New York City, I am a TCK (Third Culture Kid) curious about languages, cultures, landscapes and the interconnectedness of the three in how they shape our unique yet shared experiences. As a painter, I work mostly in oils to capture the fragility and resilience of nature, and its immense power to soothe without asking for anything in return. As an aspiring poet, I like to dig deep into my emotions and the stories of others. I often pair my visual works of art with writing to accompany them, because words can do so much; they can inspire, comfort, and lessen the weight we carry inside.

Claire Corbett
Blue Mountains, Australia



I'm a Canadian-Australian writer of fiction and creative non-fiction. My work explores the relation of the human and non-human and possible extensions of the idea of what could be human. I am writing about the oceans and climate catastrophe and am also interested in and write about space, technology, war and the military and language and neuroscience. I teach Creative Writing at the University of Technology Sydney, am on the Board of Varuna, the national writers' house (a dedicated space for writers' residencies and master classes for writers from across the Australia and the world) and am fiction editor of Overland Literary Journal, Australia's second-longest running literary journal.
Naakai Addy
Oakland, USA

Writing, Digital Collage


Naakai Addy is a Ghanaian-American writer with a background in performing arts and a creative interest in photography and digital collage. After spending her childhood in Southern California, Naakai has since lived, studied, and worked throughout the United States and in Mexico, Norway, Ireland, Spain, and Scotland. She studied Linguistics at the University of St. Andrews, Spanish language and literature at Wesleyan University, and Creative Writing at Trinity College, Dublin, where she earned an M.Phil with Distinction.

Naakai worked as a copywriter, essayist, and features writer for over a decade, and is currently finalizing her first full-length novel. Her nonfiction short story 3-Step Face Mask was published in the Sycamore Review in 2021. Naakai began ballet training at the age of 3 and has since studied contemporary, tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, ballroom, and bellydance. As a singer, she has performed choral music, opera, and musical theater.

Under the name ‘daughter of nai,’ Naakai works with lyrical prose, digital collage, movement, and music to explore themes of otherness/non-belonging, blackness, womanhood, non-Western concepts of beauty, and disability. daughter of nai pays homage to Ga spirituality and centers the sacred feminine archetypes of the siren, huntress, healer, and queen.
Alexandra McTavish
Mianjin (Brisbane), Australia

Painting, Photography, Sound


"Art + Sound"

Born in Hong Kong to Australian parents, Alexandra’s works examine notions of gender, sexuality, nature, and solitude. She works instinctively on paper and canvas with oils, acrylics, ink and watercolours.

Alex is also a professional voice artist and her project at Arteles seek to examine the liminal space between visual art and sound art. She is interested in the psychological effects of sound and while her audio collages aim to complement her visual works, they also stand alone to prompt viewers to introspect.

Alex lives and works on the unceded lands of the Quandamooka people of Moreton Bay in Mianjin (Brisbane), Australia.
Asuka Watanabe
Tokyo, Japan

Graphic design, Illustration, Painting


My name is Asuka Watanabe and I am a designer and illustrator based in Tokyo. Now freelance, I started my career at various domestic agencies. I do everything from logo and UI design to illustration and painting. I find inspiration in all areas of daily life, and my work is a combination of fine art and industrial design.
Lucy Dawes Durneen
Cambridge, UK

Short Stories, Lyric Essays, Poetry


I am a writer of hybrid short forms, with a side yearning for photography, and am currently teaching Creative Writing and Pedagogical Theory at Cambridge University's Institute of Continuing Education. I hold an undergraduate degree in English Literature and History of Art, with an MA and PhD in Creative Writing, and my poetry, short stories, and non-fiction have been published and commended internationally, in journals including World Literature Today, Hotel Amerika, Meniscus, and Poetry Ireland. My essay-duet ‘Comics, War, and Ordinary Miracles, co-written with Adnan Mahmutović, was adapted for BBC Radio 4, and my first short story collection, Wild Gestures, was published with Australian press MidnightSun; it won Best Short Story Collection at the 2017 Saboteur Awards, and was longlisted for the Edge Hill Prize 2018.

My poetry has been performed at events in Adelaide, Vienna, Paris, London, and festivals including the Wexford Fringe Festival, the Australian Short Story Festival, and Tranås at the Fringe. I have a longstanding interest in lyric essays, short stories, multimodal texts, and literatures of exile, migration and asylum, particularly as explored through graphic narratives. Right now, my work is very influenced by time spent in Scandinavia, and other forested/mountainous regions, transient astronomy, and astrophysics.
Eddie James
Hobart, Australia / New Zealand


"Bodies are markers of self . . . and what is self but a body that relates to space, holds space, takes up space, finds space, makes space and leaves space."

I am a multidisciplinary artist based in niplaulna/Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Influenced by a career on the road, my practice explores the human capacity to see and read body language. I engage with mind/body connection in its creation of action, reaction, emotion and physicality. I use body, movement, the tactile processes of analogue/alternative photography, printmaking, and drawing to create a visual tension that highlights displacement, comfort, isolation and freedom. Bringing in architecture, light and form, I aim to translate a deep listening of space into a visual experience.

I’m interested in aspects of continuous change and exchange, as layers to be revealed, as well as effects of time and place on musings between human, object and environment.

I would like to acknowledge and pay respect to the palawa/pakana people as the traditional and ongoing owners and custodians of the skies, land and water of lutruwita.. I pay my respects to their elders both past, present and emerging and acknowledge that sovereignty has never been ceded.
Kristi Dick
Los Angeles, USA


"Every stranger on the bus has a story."

Kristi Dick (she/her/y’all) is a screenwriter based in Los Angeles & Buenos Aires. Comedy features are her focus; from quirky, indie dramedies to big-budget action-comedies and everything in between. Thematically, she’s interested in writing inclusive stories about regular people dealing with personal trauma as seen through the lens of their disfunctions, as well as exploring the comedy that comes from everyday life.
Yotam Feldman
Tel Aviv, Israel

Writer, Editor, Filmmaker


"This desert is vast, this desert is merciless."

How can you be re-born into a new era? Into a time in which refutes all previous understandings. All philosophies will be reduced to rubbish, all political ideas will become absurd, all literary genres irrelevant, but one must go on.

This desert is vast, this desert is merciless. One must learn to overcome fatigue and thirst and go on, one must learn to live with animals, to become an animal and go on, one must learn to embrace solitude and go on, one must embarace the grotesque and the loathsome and go on. One must resist the abysses of pessimism and withdrawal and go on.

Yotam Feldman is a writer, filmmaker and editor, born in Tel-Aviv and recently living in Mexico, Colombia and Turkey. He is the Publisher of Lot magazine and a regular contributor to the Haaretz newspaper. His writing, in prose and essay, wrestles with these questions and documents the process of inventing a desert form of life and of art.
Isa Fontbona
Girona, Spain

Performance artist, Body sculptor (bodybuilder), Writer, Researcher


"...letting my body speaks loudly when words are not needed"

Visual artist, researcher (Ph.D. candidate in the department of Art History at the University of Girona, Spain), and natural bodybuilder competitor.

Using art, mainly through performance, I explore the malleability of my body offered by bodybuilding. It leads me, in some cases, to experiment and challenge the limits and endurance of my body. Effort, resistance, and vulnerability are concepts that I like to explore through my pieces. I tend to ask about my own identity in relation to my flesh through uncomfortable positions and an honest gaze. Putting myself in a vulnerable position, I like to involve with the audience, give voice to them, letting them to weaving the meaning of the piece with freedom.

I like to explore terrains that make me tremble and take me out of my comfort zone, which has led me to break with the structuring and rigidity provided by the bodybuilding sphere entering into the sphere of contemporary dance, and physical theater where expression and fluidity beat.
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