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Sabine Pick
Byron Bay, Australia

Paper collage


Sabine Pick is an Australian artist based in Byron Bay. Her career as a graphic designer has played an integral role in her art making practice of collage and mixed media. With this background in typography, she gradually developed a vocabulary of wooden letterpress forms and found materials — old art books, and print materials. Pick became fascinated by the patina and worn, old colours of archival and discarded papers. Through her, delicately balanced compositions, Pick seeks to create new stories and conversations in this slow, subtle and intuitive process of collage.
Sherryl Clark
Melbourne, Australia



"The voices of my characters and the stories they tell drive me to explore more challenging ideas."

I've been writing for more than 30 years, initially short fiction and poetry and gradually moving into novel writing. In 1996 I had my first children's book accepted, and began to focus more on writing for children and young adults. In 2013 I completed an MFA in writing for children and YA at Hamline University in Minneapolis/St Paul, and then a PhD in creative writing at Victoria University in Melbourne. My thesis topic was the writing of new fairy tales for today's children. All along, I continued to work on my adult crime novels, and the first of these - "Trust Me, I'm Dead" - was published in July 2019 by Verve Books UK. I have also continued to write poetry and short fiction. I find that a focus on character, voice and structure helps me to build and wrestle my ideas into stories that flow better and become stronger as I rewrite.
Erin Kate Ryan



"The definition of self is found at the boundary of what one will not do."

EK is fixated on how fiction can puncture the false boundary of the page. She likes to imagine short stories that send you text messages or leave gifts on your kitchen table. She messes around with topics like missing girls, art/life overlap, the boundaries of human-ness, form driving function, and how to use fiction as a tool for realizing radical social reorganization.

Carlos Battaglini
Lanzarote, Spain



"I left everything to become a writer, join me"

One day I realised that my belly was growing and I got scared by the idea that I had life all worked out. A mortal lack of vertigo. Thousands of walks along the beach forced me to listen to that voice, “it’s time to do what you want, write full time, man, explain what you think about the world”. It was the same voice that celebrated death “don’t you think it’s wonderful to know that you will cease to be, one day, so as to convince yourself of what you really want to do now?”

So, I finally pushed my job at the EU external action service into the background to fully focus on writing, my real passion. Hence, I live now only for literature – most likely I have developed Literary Asperger’s syndrome, if it exists.

I write because I have a strong need to express what I see around. I write about different topics, being the realism the genre I work the most. Novel is the core of my job, but I also deal with poetry and plays. I’m about to publish a book of short stories about people who want to change their lives. On my website I also write about my trips around the world (with especial emphasis on Africa), books reviews, opinion articles. I also make interviews to different writers. During the following years, I will transform all my material (that currently stays at the computer) into new books.

Moreover, I have collaborated with plenty cultural institutions including El País (main Spanish newspaper). I hold a bachelor on Political Scientist and Sociology and a Master on environment. My latest award was a finalist prize at a Spanish short story contest.

Suji Han
South Korea, Seoul

Media & web installation, video


My work focuses on the process of compression and translation happening between cyber and physical space. The compression happens when human existence enters cyberspace. The translation when information wanders into the sea of data and gets distorted, edited, and reinterpreted through the process of downloading, capturing, copying. My research-based work explores the blurred space between the physical space and the digital through pseudo-scientific methods such as educational video, digital installation, data collection, and sound composing.

“I spend most of my time in digitized space where time and space feel compressed, “iron-ized”; as if it had been ironed-data stacked on top of itself and then flattened again. This compressed time and space runs differently from the space where body temperature and scent can be felt. Because of that, I can stay connected with others in the same space even through time differences and long distances. The blurred line between cyber and physical space continues to expand new opportunities for relationship such as ego sharing, intertwining, interlacing, and interfacing.”
kt coleman
Portland, Maine, USA

creative non-fiction, poetry,
conceptual art


kt coleman (b. 1994) is a Portland, Maine based multidisciplinary artist and writer. Her often text-based works nod to self-discovery, interpersonal connection, and the role art plays in offering room for self-reflection. She aims to foster empathetic connection with the viewers'/readers' selves and their environments and finds inspiration in the peculiarities of the everyday. She spends her free time romping in the Maine woods with her very polite dog, Timber, who shows up from time to time in her self-referential works.
Matthew Hollett
St. John's, Canada

Writing, photography


"I’m a writer and visual artist from Newfoundland, Canada, currently living in Montreal. I love long walks with a camera and notebook, and much of my work revolves around landscape and memory. My first book, “Album Rock” (published by Boulder Books in 2018) uses creative nonfiction and poetry to explore the history of a strange photograph of 1850s nautical graffiti. My collection of poems about photography and seeing, “Optic Nerve”, will be published in 2021. Right now I’m working on a novel about a quirky kid who imagines the ghosts of beached whales drifting through the forest.

My academic background is in visual arts, but writing has gradually taken over my life. Still, I love working between language and image, and past projects have included photographing handwriting or composing visual poems with leaves and seaweed. I also write code, and am interested in new media and interactive narratives. I have an MFA in Media Arts from NSCAD University, and make a living as a web designer. My most recent publication is “Between Seasons on the North Head Trail” (betweenseasons.ca), a visual essay about hiking in one of my favourite places.
Daniela Avelar
São Paulo, Brazil

Text, printed matter


Investigates the relation between visual arts and litterature creating from the possibilities of the white colour, silence, collection, appropriation and writting. Currently, the investigations around the white colour as concept and experience, appear with the desire to exhaust the colour through objects and writting restriction procedures. Is also part of her process editing and creating printted matter works: trabalho produz riqueza (2019); Álbum (2018); além da página – exposição impressa coletiva, pela plataforma parentesis (2018); o enviou-lhe uma mensagem (2016); encontros possíveis e A arte a maneira de abordar seu chefe para pedir um aumento (2015).
Jerome Holt

Writer, photo therapist, human being



Often described by others as an environmentalist or a tree-hugger, I see myself as a simple human being who has an appreciation for the nature of the planet earth and an interest in human interactions, culture and education. I often cause reactionary behavior in others, sometimes merely through an act of self expression, even when I am not trying to illicit reactionary behavior. Tapping into a large array of life experience, I am on a path to share my art, in the hope that it will help others see things they might not have seen before.

I write non-fiction, fiction and social commentary. My current work includes commentary on the need for big picture thinking education, humorous short stories about relationships with women and a screenplay about the moldy culture of Hollywood.

In our current sea of image based society, I feel the power of photography is being diluted by commercialism, consumerism and the advertising culture now ingrained in nearly every human being, as we become more driven to sell ourselves. Photo therapy is a new term for an old concept, based around the idea of using photography as a mirror. The photographer attempts to allow the subject to see their facets, their true selves - in my current work I attempt to show the affect of concepts of loneliness on human individualism.
Jessica Raschke
Bundanoon, Australia

Writing, text-based installation


Jessica Raschke is a text-based installation artist, poet, writer and editor of The Soul Spectrum (see www.thesoulspectrum.com). Her most recent installations include, Leaving Love at Sculpture on Clyde, Sculptures at Killalea. Wisdom Weaving was part of the Hillview Sculpture Biennial 2018, Sculptures at Killalea 2018, and Old Favourites at Retford Park in Bowral 2018. In 2019 she participated in a “Testing Grounds” one-week residency in Melbourne, is part of the MicroGalleries International Collective, and coordinated the From the Brink Fringe Festival.

Soul Secrets was featured as part of MicroGalleries in Nowra (2015), Ten Thousand Paces in Bowral (2016), and outside the Blue Mountains Food Co-op in Katoomba (2017). In 2016, she worked with artists Monica Donoso and Martin Bretherick to install the Before I Die wall at: The Shaggy Cow in Mittagong, Bowral, Moss Vale.

Other installations have been featured at VAC in Bendigo (Mystified – projected poetry), Kings ARI (Suicide Silence – projected text-based monologue), 69 Smith Street Gallery (Natural Beast – vinyl text on main gallery window), Centre for Contemporary Photography (Humanity Always – photograph) and fauxPho (Let’s Do It Again series of lightbox installations).

She has published two poetry collections, Luscious Glass Cage (2008) and The Beguilings (2010). In 2009, she was the Café Poet in Residence at Mr Tulk Café at the State Library of Victoria. In 2010 and 2012 she curated Bittersweet at Melbourne’s Federation Square as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival.
Zoe Chronis
New York City, USA



I re-enact methods of public address and propaganda according to my own political fantasies. I’ve constructed solar balloons to distribute leaflets by air; installed a commemorative plaque at the location of an anti-war sit-in; and filmed hand-lettered cards based on early cinema conventions. I’ve often viewed communication as a problem to solve or a secret to reveal, but the politics of language is never what I expect. I am digging myself deeper into doubt about the public role of an artist or a citizen. I am looking for a true meeting. I want to be pinned to the wall with a spear. And should I tell everybody or just you? I have a bad habit of asking the wrong person the wrong question at the wrong time. In spite of this, I have faith in the power of community-led media and currently work for public access television in Brooklyn, New York.

Benjamin Stanwix
Cape Town, South Africa

Graphic novel, poetry, illustration


Based in Cape Town, South Africa, my studio practice includes drawing, printmaking, photography, weaving, and working with text. I have an interest in questions of how we try to understand the past, with a particular focus on contradictions and distortions as spaces for productive engagement. The role of mistakes and mistranslations also feature in my practice, and I make use of the internet to examine the influence of algorithms on collective memory.

In 2017 I completed a post-graduate Diploma in Fine Art at the Michaelis School of Art, University of Cape Town, after previously reading for an MA in History at the University of Oxford. I also have a Masters degree in Economics. In the last two years I have participated in a number of group shows in Cape Town and Johannesburg and had work in shown in Venice, Italy, and California. I recently held two solo exhibitions, one in Joshua Tree, California after a residency at BoxoPROJECTS (2018), and another in Cape Town (2019) in conjunction with the Cape Town Art Fair
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