Silence Awareness Existence residency program
Phil Harris
Portland, Oregon, USA



I've spent about two-thirds of my life working primarily in photography, with some detours into other media. My major preoccupations over the years have ranged from history, memory and narrative handmade photo processes to the spiritual quality of deterioration. My current work is about the patient observation, recording, acceptance and encoding of the processes of time and change.
Isabel Rumble
Melbourne, Australia



I am a multidisciplinary artist and yoga teacher from Melbourne, Australia. I have been fortunate to delve into the various creative outlets of dance, music, visual art and yoga, each informing the other in my creative practice and sculpting the person that I am.

An underlying theme in my work is the investigation of the breath as a balancing force, and mode of connecting to self and place. Employing various breath drawing techniques, repetition as a force in performance, and spontaneity in image making, I position the intuitive body over the analysing mind. I encourage bodily awareness whilst drawing parallels between the body and rhythms in nature.

At the core of my life and work I recognise the urgent need to remedy humanity’s disconnection from the natural world. I hope to contribute to this discussion through my creative outlets.
Dove Hays
New York, NY, USA

Painting, sculpture


Dove Hays is a painter and sculptor known for her subtle, pastel-hued palette and soft matte surfaces. She has exhibited widely in the United States and internationally, including recent exhibitions curated by Young Space (Brooklyn, NY) and by Warbling Collective (London, UK). She lives in New York, NY with her rescue cat, Starling Cormorant, and maintains a studio practice in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.

Asli Sonceley
Turkey / USA

Multimedia poetry / science


"There is trouble in paradise"

My work is in reaction to climate change and to review my identity as a first generation immigrant. I am currently investigating the links between mental health and planet's health via artistic compulsions vs chosen form of communications.

Julia Anadam
São Paulo, Brazil

Performance, installation


"Creating a connection with the invisible through gestures"

I’m a journalist that wanted to go further with words, so I started to dance. But the words never left — and I still find myself writing through gestures and movement. My work is deeply connected to silence, presence, embodiment. And also to the mystic ways of the Tarot and other Oracles. Through this mix, somehow, I aim to walk the way to develop a language of the invisible through symbolic gestures — knowing that is the process that matters most.
Martyna Gryko
Bialystok, Poland

Book arts, watercolor, painting

As a child, I was surrounded by nature. My earliest memories are of my grandparent’s farm in Zdroje, Poland where I grew up. Today, I find that reconnecting with nature brings me closer to my true self. Through the practice of mindfulness, I began to notice the cycles of life, death, and rebirth that are a constant of our universe. Moments strolling in the park, taking photographs, and time spent observing the natural world, are my primary sources of inspiration and the driving force of my artistic practice. I obtained a BFA at the College for Creative Studies in 2017. This allowed me to study various art mediums and philosophies. I’ve always been conscientious of sustainable art making practices due to my interest in eco-philosophy and nature. I found that printmaking and book arts most aligned with this method of art practice. This led me to work with natural and found materials to create a body of work using paper-making as a metaphor for the life and death cycles present in nature. The work documents several layers of process: interaction with my environment, collecting scrap wood and building it into an assemblage, accumulating paper material and plants, shredding, soaking, blending the material into pulp, and finally restructuring the pulp to cover the underlying structure, pressing the water out with my hands. I am very passionate about how handmade paper can be used as an expressive medium to create works of art, not just in codex format. I also explore the theme of nature through watercolor painting, printmaking, and poetry.
Amanda Page
Melbourne, Australia

Drawing, printmaking, sculpture


Amanda Page makes works about transformation. In capturing and recording changes of state in materials and processes, Page explores change as a universal condition that connects all matter.

Works develop from observing transformative processes in natural systems and phenomena, such as weather patterns, temperature, erosion, interaction between organisms, metamorphosis, growth and decay, where organic substances break down into simpler forms of matter, and how matter and energy change under varying circumstance.

Particular phenomena, cycles of life and death, and the coalescing and dissipation of natural systems are investigated and embodied in the works.

Page uses constructed parameters to record processes of melting, freezing, molding and transforming materials into various states. Perishable materials reference loss and fragility in natural systems and capture the interaction of forces and energies.

Page uses water, ice, sunlight and camera-less exposure processes combined with drawing, printmaking and sculptural methods to catalyse, explore and articulate processes of change. Specific areas of investigation include capturing ice in its natural frozen form, freezing water to make ice forms, melting ice and recording the marks it leaves in its trace and melting and casting materials into molded forms.
Kate Koivisto Wheeler
Perth, Australia

Painting, drawing, objects


Kate Koivisto Wheeler’s experimental practice is founded in drawing and painting, and extends across different media including objects, installation, jewellery, textiles and found materials. Her work incorporates connectivity and an organic process of ‘layers’ that develop over time and crystallise into form, distilling an essence. She combines the abstract and the figurative, material and conceptual, interior and exterior, nature and culture. Her work includes both solo and collaborative projects. Of Nordic and northern heritage, she currently lives on the south west coast of a large island in the southern hemisphere.
Gaylene Anne Barnes
New Zealand

Filmmaking, visual art, writing


Since completing a Diploma of Fine Arts on an Amiga computer in 1991, I have worked as a computer graphic artist, video editor, animator, painter, writer, designer, director and producer. I have freelanced on many creative projects in New Zealand, as well as developing my own practise as an artist and filmmaker. My recent work includes the feature documentary film Seven Rivers Walking Haere Maarire (NZ, 2017), a solo exhibition of paintings, Origins (Nelson, 2019), and a book of poems and images, Circumscribed (London, 2020).

I'm also a farmer with an organic vegetable family farm (and a small flock of Finnsheep!). As with most farmers, I have a born-n-bred impetus to 'produce' and to be a caretaker of nature, as one creates. Discovering and painting the icon, with it's methodology of sacred matter, has been a major influence. I am currently curious about the sacred and the story in art and nature; the unfolding of conscious thought and form; the potential for miracles; the zero-point; and the many hands that create the evolving image/s on this planet.

Whilst I have brought several projects to work on during my Arteles residency, including a screenplay, I will also take the opportunity provided by the theme, and evolve my contemplative meditation practise, and see what happens in the cloister! When in NZ, you are welcome to visit my studio in the upper room of St John Anglican Church, Woolston, Christchurch, NZ.
Ana Engelman
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Drawing, painting


My name is Ana Engelman. I was born in Buenos Aires in 1976. I am a Visual Artist and graduated in Sociology. The painting appears as a necessity. I am interested in the practice of painting itself. Observe the reaction between the materials and the support. Painting is an investigation, a report that I do. Find out what the Memory Record is. I look in the answers for some evocative detail that allows me to reconstruct part of my ancestral history that I don't know. Certain questions cover my purpose: in relation to Space, my intention to catch the essential. I look for the permanent that lacks variables. What is the territory I am exploring like? Is it a territory anchored in another time? In relation to Time, Is it a stopped time? What is the past? I am creating drawings and paintings on different paper and unprepared fabrics, using fatty media and water such as graphite and ink. Series work. The palette is black and white, achieving a range of values with different vanishes. Work in layers considering the white of the paper. Achieving a temperature according to the base color of the hot or cold paper. I intend to create a stripped space that enables the observer the possibility of abstracting from his time, experiencing loneliness, distancing himself from the tangible and real.
Sophie Molins

Film, photography and ritual


"Where have we come from? Where are we heading to?"

Recent projects include:
- Sending a divorced women’s wedding dress into space where it dances to a score by Michael Nyman.
- Inland Island - A feminine sensory ethnography of the mountains at the St Bernard’s pass.

Current projects:
- Lost Sheep. A sensory ethnography through addiction, articulating the importance of love attachment and community. This is deeply connected to my work in a recovery house where I volunteer running a Spiritual Guidance group.
- A sugar corset exploring consumption; sugar; colonial trade and women’s waste sizes.
- Weekly documentation at a local Auction house of loved collections by recently deceased.

Systems – education; prisons; climate change Nature, seasons, climate, walking, swimming.
Reading poetry and psychoanalysis,
iyenga yoga and mediation.

I have an MA from UCL Anthropology dept. in Ethnographic and documentary film and am particularly interested in the anthropology of healing and ritual. I also have an MA in Fine art from Central St Martins.

I have won funding from the Arts Council and The New York Times Eddie Adams Award.

I have worked as a senior lecturer in Photography at the University of Roehampton and as The Arts coordinator for a climate change charity Artists Project Earth.
Jeremy Billauer
Denver, USA

Digital fabrication, speculative technologies, interactive installation


"Make to explore new media and processes. Start a conversation. Find more why. Get outside."

Jeremy Billauer is a Colorado-based digital artist primarily interested in the energetic vibration of vital beings. The often sub-perceptual pre-linguistic signs and codes that create and affect individual human experience and the current manifestation of collective consciousness. With a background informed by holistic practices and alternative medicine, he uses tools and materials present in New Media to create work that sparks conversation and embodied cognition of the fundamental ways in which we exist.

Born in Los Angeles, he now resides in Colorado where he is pursuing an MFA in Emergent Digital Practices at the University of Denver. As he completes his degree, Jeremy also works as a graduate teaching assistant specializing in Sustainable Design, Biomedia, and Digital Fabrication with an emphasis on Physical Computing. His thesis project is a New Media-based recontextualization of biosemiotics, the energy body, and collective behavior that will be materialized through multi-user interactions and speculative technologies.

Jeremy has been included in multiple group exhibitions in Colorado such as Outsiders at Leon Gallery, Coalesce & Object at Vicky Myhren Gallery, and multiple instances of the annual EDP Expo. The physical manifestation of his thesis research will be included in a solo exhibition in April 2020 at a private art space in Denver.
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