Silence Awareness Existence
residency program
Virginia Chang
New York City, USA



"Let us live well till the last"

The stories of the dying are my inspiration. I write to tell their stories and words of wisdom on living a life with meaning and purpose. There is much to be learned about living by looking at our own mortality.

Now as an end-of-life doula, I have the privilege of being the container of many stories from the dying. I met these people when they were gravely ill and supported them till their deaths. They graciously let me into their lives, revealed their authentic selves, and entrusted their inner thoughts, fears, and hopes to me. Their stories—of life, love, adventure, loss, and regret—offer us, the ones left behind, insight on how to live more fully in the present moment.

As a certified yoga teacher and life-long practitioner, I also incorporate meditation and breathwork into my approach that brings a mindfulness and peace to the work. I have a deep spiritual practice encompassing meditation, the Buddhist contemplations of impermanence, and yoga.

I am honored to serve, to hold, and to remember the dying.

Virginia is a certified end-of-life doula, educator, and writer. She works, teaches, reads, and writes in New York City.
Steve Wanna

Installation, Sound, Sculpture


"I work with light, sound, and space to create installations inspired by principles of emergence."

Under the right conditions, beauty can emerge without the need for direct intervention. My practice lies at the intersection of mythological and scientific thinking: the world of precision and verifiable facts on one hand, and on the other, the messy, chaotic world of beliefs and superstitions. My approach is abstract and conceptual — I avoid specifying meaning and instead create opportunities for experience and perception, ready to be imbued with meaning and narrative by the experiencer. Abstract, experimental, and multimedia, my work draws on sound, video, and sculpture. I rely on formal training in music composition and sound design to create mixed-media works and immersive, experiential, and multi-sensory installations that capture the wonder of the phenomenological world. My work is informed by the principle of emergence as defined in systems theory and Buddhism. Most of my works incorporate experimental frameworks and elements of controlled randomness, with uncertainty and exploration built into the process and sometimes the final work itself.
Seiu Yang
Taipei, Taiwan

Ceramics, Photography, Writing


"Embrace the polarity, and connect with the cosmos."

Seiu, a versatile artist, captures the essence of transformation and the journey of growth in her multidisciplinary work. Using discomfort as a canvas, nature and intuitive interactions inspire her creations. Seiu transforms non-verbal communication with trees, animals, and nature's elements into evocative stories. Her latest medium, clay, becomes a grounding force, weaving narratives of connections and healing with her audience. Themes of growth, transformation, belonging, and feminine beauty often inspire her creations. Seiu's work aims to embrace the beauty within emotions and intuition, fostering a healing process through the mediums of clay, words, and photographs.

Jeanne Brasile
Newark, NJ, USA

Sculpture, Drawing, Mixed Media


"Interdisciplinary Artist"

Jeanne Brasile is an artist/curator/art writer/yoga instructor based in New Jersey (USA). Her interdisciplinary practice is founded on curiosity. Brasile’s sculptures and works on paper are created with repurposed materials such as antique dictionaries, hand-written ledgers, blueprints, and library card catalogues - objects laden with cultural residue that become entry points for meaning making. She envisions the studio, gallery and world-at-large as laboratories for learning. As a student, Brasile studied art history, studio art, communication arts, museology, and anthropology – and later, yoga and meditation. In her work, each discipline contributes a critical counterpart for discourse. Brasile’s art has been exhibited in The Newark Museum, The Montclair Art Museum, The Mattatuck Art Museum and 14C Art Fair, among other venues. Her writing has appeared in The Brooklyn Rail, NJ Arts Daily, AS | Mag and Art Spiel. She has curated shows at Seton Hall University, The Hunterdon Art Museum and numerous galleries in New York and New Jersey. She can often be found hiking, collecting curiosities, practicing and teaching yoga, or peering through a microscope to find new inspiration.
Amy Fredericks
USA / France

writing, Painting

"She would like to co-create, share, and remember experience as immeasurable, ephemeral, embodied, and ever-changing."

Her art explores the relational components of the body, emotions, mind, and phenomena to discover and relate to the self/other and inner/outer and an inquiry into the process of expressing and transcending the egoic experience. She used to work professionally in conflict resolution, trauma recovery, and epidemiology. A diagnosis of social anxiety in 2018 prompted a journey to confront themes of fear and love since childhood and at present-moment experience—of separation and connection—of boundlessness and limitation—and that of non-duality. She would like to transpose her writing to painting. She likes to practice caring for human and non-human animals, the earth, the heart, and to encounter the boundlessness and wisdom in love and curiosity.
Alison Hughes (Alison Reid Art)
Leadville, CO, USA

Photography, Pen & ink

"Illusions of serenity"

Self proclaimed mountain hermit and interdisciplinary artist, I've been creating all my life. Creation is my lifeline to the universe and my fragile foot hold on my sanity. My cameras are my tools for exploring the details of the world around me, most often recorded on 35mm film. My drawings, however, are largely done through unconscious automatism as a therapeutic/meditative practice. When I'm not automatic drawing or working with my cameras, I'm often creating fictional landscapes with various mediums. No matter what, I am making art for arts sake, and for my own sake. I'm hoping to form a deeper connection with my subconscious self and find common ground with my shadow self as I create, allowing my overactive mind to rest and trust itself. I share this process and its results to show an often overlooked option for those struggling with mental health looking to find inner balance. As well as a reminder to trust the process, as the best growth comes from process not result.
Karalyn Shaw
Brisbane, Australia



Karalyn Shaw is an interdisciplinary, intercultural, often conceptual contemporary artist from Brisbane, Australia whose work parallels and endeavours to reflect upon, her life’s multifaceted and interconnected experiences.

Evolving in an increasingly raw manner, she creates from her streams of consciousness, always seeking to better meaning-make and understand her thoughts and varied connections. She endeavours to utilise project-relevant materials and techniques and enjoys associated experimentation.

Karalyn has a love of pattern and light and is strongly influenced by the visual: symmetry and geometry; words via word-play, philosophy, literature, poetry and vibrant, varied languages and cultures; her zeal for nature, science, engineering and technology; and her deep concern for humanity and our environment. She regularly sits at the nexus of science and art drawing upon both realms, historically and contemporaneously, to inspire her creations.

Her creativity is often informed by her study in engineering, physics, art and design, presently; and previously in law, languages and psychology.

She is very much looking forward to experiencing the ‘Silence Awareness Existence’ program at Arteles in February 2024.

Jo Hutton
United Kingdom

Sound art, music, music writing


"My epitaph could read 'Tried very hard to learn how to listen well' "

I have been working as a sound recordist, editor and designer for 25+ years, working for the BBC and on other peoples' projects, music, broadcasts and films or in collaboration. My own sound art practice has bubbled away in the background all this time, but since completing a PhD in electroacoustic music in 2020 I have found time to gradually become more focussed on my own work in which I am interested in tiny sounds that are rarely heard and barely audible; the unheard sonic stories of marginal species on our planet; the sound of ice; the politics of audibility; the untreated musical aesthetic of pure nature or urban vandalism, unadulterated by the limiting strictures of western musical harmony. My sound works tell stories about changing environments, abstracting and musicalising field recordings relating to a particular social or political concept. In the studio, I like to work with simple methods for processing natural mechanical and field recordings, borrowing techniques from the experimental composers who worked in pre-digital 1960s analogue studios, as sculptors with the physics of sound. I also write music features and reviews, mostly for The Wire and Electronic Sound

Axelle VM Philtjens
Alken, Belgium

Photography, Research


"Destroyer of polaroids, devourer of time!"

"Axelle VM Philtjens (°2000) is a Belgian visual artist. From an early age, Axelle was fascinated by art and it’s many forms. She obtained an academic bachelor and master degree in Visual Arts Photography at the Academic of Visual Arts Photography LUCA School of Arts, in Genk, BE.

Axelle VM Philtjens’ work revolves around anthropology, the human psyche, time and transience. She’s intrigued by its workings and possibilities but also the passing and effect of time. As a visual artist she views the world in different forms and layers which she explores mostly in her polaroid works.

Most of Philtjens’ works are experimental. Some works revolve around the human mind and memory, while others focus on the concept of time and historical heritage. They are usually looked at from a research point of view. She’s always seen with at least one polaroid camera on her.

Axelle VM Philtjens’ preferred mediums to work with are polaroids, staged documentary, a mixture of analog with sometimes digital photography and video projections."
Kane Carroll
London, UK / Ireland

Writing, Drawing and 3D Generalist


Kane, a London-born designer/artist/3D generalist, has a rich history crafting immersive exhibitions for galleries and museums. His design expertise utilises precision tools from architecture, film, and animation, while as an artist, he engages in mindful writing and analogue drawing for expression. Striving to harmonise these seemingly opposed approaches, he explores the convergence of design and art, embracing the intersections and clashes. His overarching goal is to infuse greater physicality and presence into his work.
Kate Speranza
Astoria, Oregon, USA

Mixed-media visual art


My formal education is in metalsmithing and painting; though I work in a wide variety of media and formats. Conceptually, I am interested in the history imbued within objects and surfaces and the inevitable patina that develops through human interaction, as well as exposure to the elements. I approach my work through traditional creative methods, while often incorporating found objects and salvaged materials.
Kai-Yen Tu
Taipei, Taiwan



"I was born because of my parents, and then I was born again because of photography."

For me, photography is the medium of intangible connection, which truly reflects the status of life at the moment.

My works aren’t created by any specific setting; they are created only by the guidance of the heart, the resonance of life’s weaving, and what has come to me.

I capture the moment by the exploration of subconsciousness. Everything is calling for me to tell the story and the understanding about Him. I capture the mysterious language through the viewfinder and experience the questions and answers of life — I'm the listener of life.
Wing Hung Fung
Hong Kong

Painting, Installation


"Exploring and thinking how to state in a peaceful mind during digital technology generation."

Fung Wing Hung, Rain, graduated from the Visual Arts Department of Hong Kong Baptist University and is an interdisciplinary artist. She has a design background. However, she found that design was not enough to express her worldview. She explores her interests in childhood impressions, Japanese philosophy, and the inner world.Through the use of her own semiotics, she enters a playful and fancy fantasy scene.She goes beyond using painting, illustration, sculpture and new media art to explore her worldview.
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