List updated: 03.09.2019

Studio / Tech

Wireless internet in all spaces
(depending on program usage can be limited)
Laptop (Macbook air)
Light painting stands
(Artograph LED A3+)
Large light box table
Paper cutter & mat
Full HD projector
(ACER P1510 DLP)
HD projector (Acer Home H6510BD)
2 x VGA projector
2 x 21" HD LED Screen
Photo scanner (Epson Perfection V700)
B&W printer

Large-format photo printer (Epson SureColor SC-P800, Max A2 size prints, fee per print)
Strobe light
Overhead projector
Portable projection screen
DVD player
AV cables

General tools
Sewing machine
(Husqvarna Viking H/Class E10)
Power drill
Grinder (metal, concrete etc.)
Lock saw
Circular saw (handheld & table)

Soldering tool
Basic welding machine (stick)
Basic hand tools (Stapler, Pliers, cutters, hammers...)

For astronomy
Celestron Omni XLT AZ 102mm Refractor Telescope

For Meditation & Yoga
Yoga mats
Meditation mats & cushions

Meditation benches

Laundry room
Washing machine

Donated & extra materials (varies):
Paints and other art supplies
Wood (used / processed / natural from forest)
Industrial boards / cardboard


Getting other materials from the region
Nature's own materials
Recycling center
(incl. FREE clothing)
Good 2nd hand stores
Art supply store
Printshop (fully equipped)
Electronics supply store
Hardware stores
Processed wood

There is a car for the residents to use for their daily purposes and regional trips. The current car is Toyota Corolla (with automatic gears).
We have a rowing boat on the nearest lake. The residents can use it freely. (The boat is available between May-Sept)
We have a set of basic bikes, ready to be taken for a ride 24/7. (The bikes are available only during the warm seasons.)

- Vanguard Alta Pro 263AT
- Vanguard VEO 204AB
- Fotopro C5I Orange + FPH-52Q

Reflectors (black/white/silver/gold/diff) (120x180cm)
Reflectors with handle
3 x Elinchrom studio stand
Aputure Amaran 3-Point 2-Daylight Spot
1-Bi-Color Flood HR672 3-Light Kit
3 x Background screen
(white, black, green)
Photo scanner (Epson Perfection V700)
Memory card reader
Large-format photo printer (Epson SureColor SC-P800, max A2 size prints, fee per print)

Note: You can get your films developed in a professional lab in Helsinki via mail service, 35 mm film also in Tampere. There is no darkroom at the residency.

Portable recorder Sony linear PCM-M10
Nord Stage 1 88HA revision B Hammer action full size keyboard/organ/synth
Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Analogue synthetizer keyboard
Korg Kaoss Kaossilator Pro
2 x Acoustic guitar
SoundMixer (Behringer Xenyx 1204USB)
USB audio interface (Lexicon Omega Studio)
2 x Active Speakers (THE BOX PA108A)
4 x Sound speakers, small
2 x Solid speaker stand (Millenium BS-2211B)
2 x Boom stand for mic
2 x Microphones, ECO-A Dynamic vocal
2 x Headphones
Microphone isolation shield
Note stand
Audio Cables (XLR, Plug, Midi...)

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