Arteles Sauna
Arteles Creative Center in Finland is one of the largest and most international residency centers in Scandinavia.

Arteles Creative Center in Hämeenkyrö, Finland hosts more than 120 selected international artists and creative professionals per year. It is the lively headquarters for our residency programs, welcoming artists and creative minds from all around the world, from all the defined and undefined forms of creativity.

The center is located in the middle of the extraordinary nature of Hämeenkyrö (European Union Landscape Award in 2009), far from city life distractions. Here, you can soak in the fresh air, enjoy the silence, go for wandering walks in the forests and swimming in the many lakes nearby, do hiking and trekking trips in the nature and have daily relaxing in a traditional sauna.

The main value of Arteles is to give freedom for creativity. We provide our artists an inspiring and supportive environment, with no stress or pressure coming from the outside. We embrace long-term progress, personal growth and mindfulness, and therefore our focus is in the artist and their individual aims and being, not only in production and career.

The studio spaces and communal areas of the residency center are made to support creative activities and social exchange. In the two residency buildings – Timber and Nexus 9000 – there are working and living facilities for hosting simultaneously 11–14 artists, with private bedrooms. On the large residency yards, there is a barn for woodwork, wood burning sauna, and plenty of open space for environmental art and outdoor experiments. Forest can be entered with just a few steps from the studios.

Arteles residency programs