Unleashing creativity.
Seeking new ways and possibilities for creativity to manifest itself.

Leading the way to the future. Holding visions in tomorrow.


Encouraging to explore, discover and to trust on your creative instincts. Stepping into the unknown, new grounds in order to grow, learn and progress.


Interdisciplinary collaboration between the fields of art, design, science, technology etc.


Sharing creativity, promotion, know-how and other resources based on mutual agreements and respect.

Supporting sustainable development and long-term contribution.
Developing creative production and services.

Creating international creative center activity and residency network with global consensus

Visualizing the future of contemporary art & culture

Intergrating creativity, arts & culture with the other fields of society

Inviting creative professionals to Finland.

Producing culture events & projects, contemporary art and educational concepts.

Creative center's multidisciplinary atmosphere brings the experts of art and culture together by offering studio and accommodation spaces and by organizing vivid activities.

Arteles - organization developing creativity, art and culture

Arteles combines the fields of creativity into interdisciplinary and functional equations. The operational focus centralizes to international creative center & residency activity and to creative productions & services.

In Arteles the main principle is to provide freedom for creativity. Courage to dream and to see things from new perspectives. These elements build a base for creative processes and more colorful future scene. Art and creativity do not know any boundaries. They have the strenght to reveal the truth and set the course of the future.

The non-profit Arteles association develops the quality, role and status of art and culture in Finland by organizing and creating platforms, events and opportunities for foreign and Finnish artists.

Creative Residency
Arteles runs one of the biggest international artist residency centers in Finland, organizes cultural events and activities. It functions as well as an active organizational part for shows, art projects and other culture related events.

Arteles collaborates actively with other cultural members, organizations and associations and supports notable creative and artistic actions.
Arteles Creative Center
Hahmajärventie 26
38490 Haukijärvi

+358 341 023 787

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