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Back to Basics

Intensive residency program
in Hämeenkyrö, Finland

1 or 2 months
June - September 2018
Where: Arteles Creative Center, Hämeenkyrö, Finland

Deadline for applications was:

12th of December 2017

Focus on the essentials

Stop the information overflow, go offline and get back to focus in a supportive, natural environment in the middle of the Northern summer.

Back to Basics residency program gives artists the opportunity to clear their mind, get back to focus and (re)discover the very basis of their creative practice and being. What are the fundamental elements and ideas behind my work? What is the purpose in doing what I'm doing? Where to take it from here?

In this residency program, participants are encouraged to not have a predetermined project plan to follow, but to arrive with an open mind and dedicate their time at the residency for on-site observations, ideas, conversations, self-reflection and development. With support from the program structure and other participants, Back to Basics provides an intensive residency experience far away from everyday distractions, surrounded by peaceful and beautiful nature.

No wifi, no cellphones - presence and pure nature

Back to Basics residency program urges you to block the usual ways of escapism and be present where you are, and to see how that improves your concentration skills, creativity and productivity. In order to make this happen, internet access and mobile use is limited in this program, and the residents have the possibility to participate in daily meditation sessions (see program details below).

Summer season is ideal for exploring and getting inspired by the rich nature surrounding Arteles Creative Center. Midsummer is full of light: even in the middle of the night, it’s bright enough to go for a walk in the forest. The woods can be entered right from the residency yards, and there are several lakes to swim in within walking and biking distance. In September, the autumn is already approaching with misty mornings and starry skies. Seasonal berries and mushrooms can be picked from the yard and the woods, and when it’s time to get relaxed, the residency center’s traditional wood-burning sauna is the place to go to.
Designed for artists & creatives
Studio spaces & private bedrooms. 24/7 access to all facilities.
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Scheduled meditation
For those into practicing meditation, scheduled morning + evening sessions in the meditation hall.
Outdoors & nature
Explore forests, lakes & fields and find skies full of stars and satellites.
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Get r.e.l.a.x.e.d
Traditional Finnish wood-burning sauna built in 1961, for when you feel like it is time to chill and relax.
Award-winning landscapes
Arteles Creative Center is located in Hämeenkyrö, Finland.
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Stay focused
No cellphone or wifi disturbance. Weekly meetings (voluntary), discussions and support.
Tools for you
Wide selection of creative gear, equipment and tools for you to use.
See full list here
Need a hand?
We assist you with projects and practicalities, introduce the surroundings etc.

Program details

Internet access
After the first 2-3 days, there will be a week-long reset/offline period with no internet available at all*. After that, if needed internet is available in a separate room with the house laptop (or with your personal laptop). There is no wifi available during the program.

*In case of a work/school commitment that requires internet access and cannot be dealt with any other way, temporary access can be arranged by consulting the residency staff in advance.

The use of cellphones is prohibited in this program. In case of urgent need, friends & family can contact the participants via Arteles staff. This way the residents can enjoy their offline time in peace, knowing that they will be informed by the staff if needed. There is also an emergency phone at the residency.

Residents have the possibility to follow a scheduled (morning + evening) meditation routine in a hall especially reserved for meditating and silent being, where there are also mats, benches and cushions for the purpose. Note: Meditation sessions are voluntary and mainly self-directed, and they do not follow any specific school/tradition.

A break from stress
To prevent any kind of stress or deadline pressure, there is no show/event included in the program. Rather than aiming for a production-oriented goal, this program focuses on personal, long-term development and opening up for new influences and ideas.

The residency program includes:

For working:

  • studio spaces and facilities 24 h access See facilities here
  • scheduled daily meditation sessions in meditation hall (voluntary)
  • creative tools & equipment See list here
  • assistant to help you with practicalities and creative work
  • weekly meetings, feedback and support
  • artist promotion through our online network
  • artist pages in Arteles Catalogue / new artist database (published in 2018)

For everyday life:

  • private bedroom, incl. towels and bedlinen
    (Note: There are large working desks also in the bedrooms.)
  • fully equipped kitchen facilities
  • traditional Finnish wood-burning sauna
  • residency car (with automatic gears) for getting around the region
  • bicycles
  • pick-up service for arrivals and departures read more
  • Internet access (limited in this program, see details above)
  • laundry facilities
  • pure Northern nature and silence

Program fees

Financial assistance is available for residents selected to join the program.
The financial support provided by Arteles is 50 % of the residency fee.

Residency fees including 50 % support:

970 €/month for 1 person: single room + studio space

Contributor's fees (fees without support)
1940 €/month for 1 person: single room + studio space

The fees include the registration fee (120 €/person - non-refundable)

More about financial support

Who can apply

We are looking for emerging and professional artists, creatives and interesting individuals widely from different fields and backgrounds. In the selection process, an emphasis is put on applicant’s motivation, creativity and suitability to the program. We value originality and authenticity.

We do not require a project proposal in the application as this would be in contradiction with the program. Also we understand that when working in the creative field, your subjects, interests and working methods tend to change and evolve along the way.

Residents are allowed to have guests for short visits only (max 3 nights - 30 €/night, needs to be agreed with the staff in advance). In this program, we do not accept duo/group applications. Also, please note that children are not permitted in the residency.

To apply to residency you need to

1. Read the terms and conditions of Arteles Creative Center
2. Fill out and submit the following application form:
(if your browser does not support the application form below, please contact and we send you the application form.)

The application round is closed. The deadline for applications was: 12th of December 2017

If you need any help or more information, please contact: info[at]

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