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Enter Text

Text-based residency program by Arteles

For writers, artists and performers working with text
(For other disciplines, please see our other programs)

Periods: 1 month
When: October and November 2018
Where: Arteles Creative Center, Hämeenkyrö, Finland

Application round is closed
Deadline for applications was
21st of March 2018

Poetry, novels and short stories, spoken word, stand-up and performing, playwriting, screenwriting, non-fiction writing, songwriting, sound poetry, text art, typography, code art, calligraphy, graphic novels, asemic writing…

Enter Text is an international residency program for writers, artists and performers working with text. The program brings together a diverse group of writers & artists from various backgrounds, with different ways of applying text & language in their work.

Connect, experiment and play

The setting of the program is ideal for connecting, experimenting and getting inspired with other international writers and creatives. Share ideas and approaches, try out different techniques, form collaborations and gain fresh perspective to your usual practice.

The residents are not required to have a predetermined project plan to follow. As the focus at Arteles is on creative freedom and personal overall development, the residency can also be devoted solely for starting something new, and/or stopping to contemplate your practice and being. Participation in group activities is voluntary, allowing you to barricade into your writer’s chamber anytime you want.

All residents are allocated private bedrooms with large working desks by a window. There is shared studio space available for more social ways of working, as well as a hall reserved for meditation and silent being. At the end of the month, the participants have the possibility of performing in a local literature night.

Late-autumn forests & sauna

Arteles Creative Center is surrounded by forests, fields and lakes, giving you a chance to concentrate on your work in a peaceful, natural environment. Thanks to Finland’s everyman’s rights, the beautiful woods can be entered and wandered in freely.

October and November are late-autumn months in the North, the nature already starting to prepare for the winter. Days are getting shorter and the nights darker, ideal for making journeys into your mind - and for getting together, sharing moments and heating up the wood-burning residency sauna, there for the residents to use.

Forests, lakes and blue skies.
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Arteles Creative Center is located in Hämeenkyrö, Finland.
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Traditional Finnish wood burning sauna built in 1961, for when you feel like it is time to chill and relax.

The residency program includes:

For working:

  • Studio spaces and facilities 24 h access See facilities here
  • Creative tools & equipment See list here
  • Weekly group meetings, discussions and support
  • Assistant to help you with projects and practicalities
    - Residency staff on site 3-5 days a week
  • Participation (voluntary) in a local literature/reading night
  • Artist promotion through our online network
  • Artist profile page in the new artist database (launch in 2018)
  • Info & guidance on Finnish art scene, exhibitions and culture
  • Wi-Fi in all spaces

For everyday life:

  • Private bedrooms with large working desks (incl. towels and bedlinen)
  • Fully equipped kitchen facilities
  • Meditation hall with meditation mats, cushions & benches
  • Traditional Finnish wood-burning sauna
  • Residency car for getting around the region
  • Laundry facilities
  • Pure Northern nature and silence

For starters:

  • Pick-up service for arrivals and departures read more
  • Orientation & introduction to get you settled in
  • Assistance in finding the materials you need

Program fees

Financial assistance is available for residents selected to join the program.
The financial support provided by Arteles is 50 % of the residency fee.

Residency fees including 50 % support:

970 € / month for 1 person: single room + studio space
1480 € / month for 2 persons: double room + studio space

Contributor's fees (fees without support)
1940 € / month for 1 person: single room + studio space
2960 € / month for 2 persons: double room + studio space

The fees include the registration fee (120 € / person - non-refundable)

Who can apply?

The program welcomes applications from writers and artists from all language areas. For writers, work samples in English (or Finnish) are required. Both established and emerging writers & artists are encouraged to apply. With the latter group, work samples and the suggested approach play a more significant role.

No predetermined project plan is required, as we understand that when working in the creative field, your subjects, interests and working methods tend to change and evolve along the way.

Duos are also welcome to apply. Please note that children are not permitted in the residency.

To apply to residency you need to

1. Read the terms and conditions of Arteles Creative Center
2. Fill out and submit the following application form:
(if your browser does not support the application form below, please contact and we send you the application form.)

Application round is closed

If you need any help or more information, please contact: info[at]

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