Silence Awareness Exitence residency program

Paul Sunday
Jersey City, NJ, USA

Painting, photography, collage

Paul Sunday is a painter and photographer working in New York City and Jersey City. His newer lens based work examines the photograph as an object, combining the practices of photography, installation, and collage. He makes reductive paintings concerned with light and perception. Sunday teaches photography at Pratt Institute and New York Film Academy. He recently exhibited in solo shows at Pratt Manhattan and the New York Public Library.
Verónica Meyer
Uruguay, lives in Argentina

Sculpture, painting, textile


"Perceptions of time"

I´m interested in exploring the different perceptions of passing of time. Through the pursue of a methodical way to translate the inner and outer realms, I wish to explore the dualities and tension between presence and absence, violence/empathy/erasure, memory and sublimation, and the cycles of nature and human aura in art.
Tomás Franco
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sound, music, video

Tomás Franco is a sound designer/recordist based in São Paulo, Brazil, graduated in Film Studies at the University of São Paulo. He currently works with sound for cinema and television.

Tomás does experiments with musical sound recording and promoting jam sessions with musicians, specially interested in the language of noise, electroacustics, soundscapes and the lo-fi aesthetics. One of the sound interactions he explores is the duality noise-silence and the disrupting of stillness.

“Not one sound fears the silence that extinguishes it. And no silence that is not pregnant with sound.” John Cage in Lecture on Something - Silence.

Carol Rodrigues
Sao Paulo, Brazil


Carol Rodrigues was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1985, and has lived in different cities in Brazil and abroad. She studied sound and image at Universidade Federal de São Carlos and did a master’s degree in international performance studies at the Universities of Amsterdam and Warwick, through the scholarship study program Erasmus Mundus.

She currently lives in São Paulo, where she writes fiction.

Her first book, Sem vista para o mar (Edith, 2014), won the Jabuti and Clarice Lispector awards (National Library Foundation of Brazil) in the short story category. Her second book, Os maus modos, was written with the support of Proac (Ministry of Culture of the State of São Paolo) and will be released soon.

In June and July of 2016, she did an artist residency at Instituto Sacatar (Itaparica- Bahía), where she began her third book and first novel.

Robert Dowling
New York, USA

Performance, writing, photography

"I'm a Tiny Baby"

Robert Dowling is an artist, comedian, and performer currently living in New York. Originally from San Diego, California, he is interested in the combination of photography, video, installation, and social media and how they can alter live performance. His experimentation in self portraits began as a vehicle to combat his embarrassment of coping with mental illness: to imitate confidence and power as a form of healing. Robert graduated from Northwestern University’s School of Communication in Chicago with a degree in Theatre and a certificate in Music Theatre. He loves making jokes on his Instagram accounts: @robertdowling, @slut4art, and @footageofmeleavingtheclub.
Lux Eterna
Sydney, Australia

Video, performance, photography


"Haptic recalibration for the post human"

Presently, dialogue pertaining to post-human futures posits transcendence of materiality by subordinating to technology. Seeking to challenge these revered technological contexts, Lux examines how the somatic body operates in hyper aware states and how physical sensitivity can be further refined. Lux’s body of work serves as a quiet sentinel for expanding spaciousness, extending stillness and deep silence, allowing for the existential contemplations concerning our own mortality and our relationship to the velocity of accelerating time, to gently convene. In this slowing down, gateways for attunement to the sensibilities of our bodies incite new neural networks for hyperawareness. Through somatic activation, we reconnect with our humanness in rediscovering our bodies' inherent yet forgotten wisdom and our bodies as portals for materialising transcendence.

Working at the intersections of dance/performance and camera (moving and still image), all these somatic practices and theorem are underpinned by developments of new and exploratory types of image creation. Challenging tropes projected by the ocular-centric male gaze, by instead, driving it from our haptic and intuitive psyches, to focus an embodied gaze. Investigating how the camera's prosthetic attachment to the body, enables us a deeper and acute understanding of our physicality, senses and movement patterns, initialises new coordinates for re-learning how technology may serve us and in authoring sensitivity and awareness augmented trans and posthuman futures.

Elena Victoria Pastor
Caracas, Venezuela / Living in Spain

Photography, mix media


Elena Victoria was born in Caracas, Venezuela 1982.
She develops her artistic work among multiplicity of media, photography, video, performance and poetry. She uses them to question language and as a narrative resource to conceptualize her pieces. Her personal universe is shaped by memory, identity, family, society. All weaving through a visceral and intimate imprint, layers of contents that invite us to discover them.

Master in Development of Photographic Projects in Blank Paper, Madrid 2015 and Documentary Filmmaking in Buenos Aires 2008. She has exhibited collectively in Iberoamerican Art Fair 2008, PhotoEspaña 2014, Museo Jesus Soto 2014, and Velada Remix Hamburg 2017, Rizoma Gallery 2017. She participated in an Auction honoring Annie Leibovitz, New York VAEA 2015, and as a guest artist at VorwerkStift art residence Hamburg 2016.

Elena Victoria is part of the collective group mujeresdebronce and photography school La ONG Madrid.
She currently lives and works in Madrid.

Catherine Davies
Sydney, Australia

Actor, theatremaker, general disruptor

Raised during my early childhood in Indonesia and schooling years in Brisbane, Australia, I moved to Sydney post-degree to begin my performance career. I’ve been an active member of Sydney and Melbourne's theatre scene since 2007, dedicating my focus to a body of work that predominately consists of political and queer re-imaginings, as well as new Australian work. My approach to creating new work is most often through the means of devising and is facilitated through both short and long term collaborations. I feel passionately about diverse and inclusive representation throughout the arts on all aspects of the creation process and dream of a future where marginalised voices will be appreciated and acknowledge throughout the Australian canon.

As for my work here, I hope to unpack and create work inspired by my ever present feeling of displacement. What does it mean to be bi-racial – daughter of a refugee, whose mother carries her own complex relationships towards home and existence. I want to make work that explores these concepts on a personal, visceral and universally identifiable level. Within my work, I want to pull it away from its most didactic and somewhat literal form and get right into the essence of existing – and existing inside unidentifiable territory.
Paula Jeanine Bennett
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Music, installation, words

"What does time look like in the stillness of winter?"

I am a creative working in several media. Part sonic alchemist and part manipulator of texture and light, my current work is informed by my search for meaning in the natural world. As an ear-minded as well as eye-minded artist, I often create all-enveloping environments that aim to evoke a tranquil yet funky world. In the Arteles residency, I plan to create a piece called ""Slowtime"". Originally inspired by the legato step of New Yorkers as they check their phones on the street, I am curious to see what will happen while searching for the inner tempo of winter in the Finnish woods. I will be working with natural theories developed by the American landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted as well as creating sound tapestries backlit by my knowledge of Indian raga voice and the shimmering but fleeting beauty of the Javanese gamelan.

Previously I have worked a lot internationally, developing several projects including my folk opera, ""A Village Of One"" which was performed with rural communities in Indonesia and Morocco. I have also composed music for dance including ""Moss"" for the Buglisi Dance Theater. I am on the staff of the Juilliard School. I joyfully live on the Brooklyn waterfront and can see the Statue of Liberty from my rooftop.
Simon Klein
New York, USA

Media art, photography, performance


I am multimodal media artist who working primarily with photography, video, virtual reality, and performance. Much of my art utilizes and combines different technologies to create work of unknown hybrid properties. The goal of such is to promote a better understanding of technology, embodiment and personal clarity. Often, I create work that can be replicated by others to promote embodiment where each sense can be studied and accounted for. In this way the creation of the work is a performance to be replicated by anyone as necessitated.

Much of the subject matter I use in my experiments uses both everyday realities and media representations of those realities. Things such as supermarkets, advertising, official portraits, news, and current events are mixed and translated into new forms. I am looking forward to using hybrid media to further a discussion around embodiment. While at Arteles, I am focusing my attention around quiet and silence within technology to make work that centers around that absence and how we fill it with content. I am excited to see how a new landscape and light will affect my understanding of silence and inspire new work to be made.
Jennifer Ahern
Cork, Ireland

Collage, ceramics, installation


"If you dig down far enough..."

I am a multi-disciplinary artist from Cork, Ireland.I work in many different mediums such as collage, ceramics,painting, sculpture, photography and installation, often combining one or more. My interests are in the multi-dimensional depths and layers of the psyche, and in how reality is perceived and experienced.
For this residency I aim to dive right in there and see what comes out...
Vivienne Robertson
William Bay, Australia

Mysticism, photography, philosophy

I am part mystic, part philosopher and part artist. The world of dreams, with their rich metaphoric and symbolic presence, has always offered me a way to understand and navigate life. In so many cultures dreams have been important medicine both for individuals and collectively, and the metaphoric or symbolic have been experienced as doorways to healing, meaning, awakening, and/or different states of being. In our modern times we have belittled, sidelined or excised not only the wisdom of dreams, but also the world of the metaphoric, or imaginal. I believe that restoring our appreciation of the dignity and power of this world is as necessary in our current times as is our attention to global warming, and, in many ways, connected. In this residency I seek to turn to, and give expression, to my dream world, through contemplative photography and writing. I also wish to explore the resonances between the images that arise and the natural world. My main guidance in this creative retreat process will come from the Sufi tradition, which I have been a practitioner of for 20 years, and the philosophy of the 11th Century Persian Sufi Ishraqi who offer a beautiful framework for understanding the imaginal as intermediary between spirit and matter. I will also be drawing on my studies of Jungian practice and the experiences I have had walking Country with Aboriginal Australians.
Julvian HO
Hong Kong

Drawing, painting, installation


HO Julvian, born in 1988, obtained B.A. (Hons) in Visual Arts and Master of Visual Arts (Studio arts & Extended media) from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University.

I have an intention returning to the state of beginning as human being to contact with the unknown nature and awakening the primitive desire of seeking for the origin.

Drawing and installation as documentation to represent and worship the imagination and veneration of/in nature/universe, aim to balance and ultimately to transcend from the self-expansion that causes the separation of human and nature/other/inanimate objects which should be primarily unified before being over-defined.
Papaya Fung
Hong Kong

Chinese painting, installation


Papaya Fung (B.1991) Papaya Fung was born and raised in Hong Kong. She primarily use ink and traditional skills of chinese painting for her artwork.Her work is symmetric and often shows Luibai technique(blank-leaving). Questioning the relationship between self and others(human, nature, universe), can also develop as inner and outer. Unhealthy connections are described through her thin and fine brush stroke and series of imaginary objects paintings.
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