Enter Text residency program

Takashi Hara
Tokyo, Japan

Painting, sculpture, installation


Takashi Hara is an international artist from Tokyo, Japan. Hara’s work has been exhibited across the United States, Canada, and Japan. His appreciation of art started when he was 6 years old while studying Japanese calligraphy. He continued mastering his skills and professional development as an artist, and at the age of 21, moved to Canada where he earned a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts. Hara later moved to the United States and received a Masters of Fine Arts degree from Arizona State University. Hara uses his international experience to explore and comment on various societal constructs through paintings, ceramics, calligraphy, and poetry. He has served as president of a collective contemporary art gallery, Eye-Lounge, in Phoenix, Arizona, established a contemporary art company TokyoTAM Ltd. (Trans-Pacific Art Movement) in Japan, and he has organised and engaged in cultural artistic events across Canada and the United States.
Marie-Pascale Hardy
Berlin, Germany

Poetry, painting, music


My practice is an exploration of the many facets of the self, an act of uncovering and consolidation.

I work across different mediums—poetry, painting, the voice, video, performance—with the holistic conviction that every gesture or sound, chosen or accidental, expose our current state of mind and thereby reveal our personal as well as global history. Nothing is ever arbitrary.

Adopting an approach based greatly on improvisation and intuitive experimentation, I let the image or melody unfold naturally, like ink spreads in water. I feel drawn towards abstraction, ambiguity, non-word, and seek to transmit the emotion or energy in the most unaffected way.
Su Jung
Seoul, South Korea

Fine Art

My practice explores unknowability, uncertainty and absence. I attempt to investigate the discrepant relationship of text and visual elements through various media.

I am fascinated by unique features of language, be they poetic, fictional, humorous or skeptic. Textual aspects or narratives in my work often deal with a middle realm between fiction and reality. I mainly employ my second language to deliberately evoke more confusions and misunderstandings which distinctly reveal failure of language and ambiguity.

Thomas Stewart
Cardiff, Wales, UK

Fiction, poetry


As Yates said, 'I’m only interested in stories that are about the crushing of the human heart.'

Thomas Stewart is a part time writer, editor and barista living and working in Edinburgh. He graduated from the University of South Wales with a BA in English and went on to complete his Master’s at the University of Warwick and the University of Milan where he was an erasmus student.

His fiction, poetry and essays have been featured (or are forthcoming) at And Other Poems, Litro, Cadaverine Magazine, The Stockholm Review, Storgy, The Fat Damsel, The Cardiff Review, among others. His debut poetry pamphlet is forthcoming from Red Squirrel Press. His poetry has been presented at Warwick Arts Centre, St Fagan's and the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

At Arteles he plans to work on a project that he's been in the back of his mind for years. He hopes to encompass issues of inequality and injustice, politics and murder, revenge and morality, LGBT and transgender issues into a vast, ever-expanding world not so unfamiliar from our own. He is particularly interested in character - in portraying characters as people with the good, the bad and the ugly, not tropes to advance the plot.

Eleanor Mccooey

Writing, visual art


Melbourne based writer and visual artist, Eleanor's work spans across a variety of forms including poetry, non-fiction writing, textiles, photography and digital projection art. Eleanor's work often meditates on gender and feminism, and is always deeply personal and political.

In 2017, Eleanor was commissioned to create an installation work for the Australian Centre for the Moving Image as part of its inaugural Creative Producers Hub. As part of the work 'Last Active,' Eleanor composed lines of poetry that questioned human relationships with social media, and how these both preserve and deconstruct identities. Eleanor collaborated on the installation work 'What Keeps You Up At Night,' a project that explored fear and public responses to fear using electronic music and her own visual projections. In addition to this, she is the founder and curator of Eat If You're Hungry Zine, a publication that explores feminism through the arts and is currently completing her undergraduate studies in Creative writing and International Politics at the University of Melbourne.

Harriet McInerney
Sydney, Australia

Prose, poetics, text art

Harriet McInerney is a writer living in Sydney, Australia. She is interested in the uses/disuses of language, ecological systems and surreal situations. She studied Honours in Writing Studies at the University of Technology, Sydney (2014) where she received the University Medal. She has published in places like Mascara Literary Review, Cordite, and Voiceworks as well as taken part in readings/ performative works at the National Young Writers Festival, Volume: Another Art Book Fair and subbed in. Current explorations include ecofeminist discourses, climatic events, domesticity, and a recent fascination with the banality/extremities of the weather.
Yixuan Pan
Hunan, China

Glass, video, performance


"I'll be a cook when I grow up"

The land of fish and rice ~ the moon.
Alien air. Pool. “Who am I? ” Interlocutor, eater, an inside foreigner, Thomas Edison, self…. the otherness*
Limitation of language - poetry in an expanded field, polyphonic broken music
g l a s s
rai n bow &
found objects!
Jue Yang

Text, images, (digital) installation


I am an interdisciplinary artist and writer. With text and images, I create archives and installations, on the web and expanding to the physical. I have produced work as a playwright, technologist, designer and found my artistic practice an apt space for synthesizing methods I have learned and valued - from poems to Arduino programming.

The provocation of empathy lies at the heart of my work. How do we understand each other: as friends, foes, family, lovers, strangers? How do we connect despite our differences in culture, history, politics, language?

Born in China (a place I no longer consider I am from) and having lived in the US for nine years, I started practicing through traveling in 2017. I have attended residencies in Mexico, Northern Norway and now Finland. Will I find a sedentary base, or will I remain a nomad? I hope to encounter an answer one day.
Dominick Talvacchio
Queens, USA

Visual Art, poetry

"There is nothing more mysterious than a fact clearly described." (Winogrand)

I'm an artist, writer, teacher, and word puzzle writer based in New York. At Arteles I will be continuing a series of poems which I render in video format, so as to have more freedom with the visual arrangement of text as it unfolds in time.

Interests, generally: Eros (broadly, as life force, as stirring, as pure movement, as love, as infinite feeling in the finite world); eroticism (as sensuality, in our relation to the natural and sensory world); possibilities of language, languages of possibility, truly new imaginative possibilities, individually and socially; the meaning of vulnerability and intimacy in our difficult time; art work whose starting point is the moment in which losing yourself and finding yourself are identical; the power of quiet surprise & sharp intensities, of distilling into an essence, a minimal structure that flirts with its own ability to contain its subject. I find aesthetic power in patterns (visual, verbal) that exceed the expectations they set up for themselves.
Bella Li

Poetry, collage, photography


Bella Li is the author of Maps, Cargo (Vagabond Press, 2013) and Argosy (Vagabond Press, 2017)—a book of poetry, photography and collage. Her work has been published in a range of journals and anthologies, including The Kenyon Review, Archives of American Art Journal, and Best Australian Poems, and will be exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, in 2017–2018.

She is interested in the boundaries between forms, genres and disciplines, and in collage as a principle of composition. Her work draws on a variety of sources—archives and atlases, films and photobooks, expedition journals, meteorological data and musical scores.
Ryan Josey

Visual Art


Ryan Josey is an artist and introvert working from Nova Scotia, Canada. Using a variety of processes including drawing, photography, video, performance, and collaboration with industry I produce images and installations that reflect and negotiate queer and politically-engaged perspectives on contemporary events. My works often begin with specific research questions, directed investigations into areas of conflict, and situations that challenge my understanding or empathy. Deciding which projects to bring into being and which projects are satisfied as research is a difficult and unresolved process for me. I often turn to personal experience, to the people I love and to on going struggles for power and recognition to help me better understand which projects would benefit from being made.
Laura Steiner
Bogota, Colombia

Writing, performance, improv


Laura is a writer, performer and improviser.

Laura Steiner is a writer, performer and improviser, positioning herself at the the intersection of these three disciplines. It is at the crossroads of these different creative process where she garners her inspiration. Being on stage and performing without a script has undeniably changed her writing voice. What was once a more journalistic and objective approach, has transformed into a creative non fiction voice that leans towards the realm of the personal and subjective. Originally from Colombia, Laura has previously lived in New York, is currently based in London and has spent a significant time in South Africa. Much of her writing if focused on this constant movement and the continual search for home. It is with that theme in mind and the intersection of writing and performing, what Laura is aiming to explore and create in her time at Arteles.
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